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Six teams out of the new season due to internal strife

Jordan said that the greatest ability of a team's head coach

By Horse MoroPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Jordan once said that the greatest ability of a team's head coach is the ability to handle relationships with players. This statement still has some truth, "locker room problems" has been a stumbling block affecting the NBA team's progress, only internal stability, it is possible to impact the championship.

The old saying "hustle must first be within", this old saying is also very applicable in the NBA, for example, the Zen Master at the helm of the Bulls, when Jordan has been the scoring king, the ability has reached the level of quasi-superstar, but the team's record has been and ideal, many times folded in the playoffs, he came to the Bulls, first dealt with Jordan and After he came to the Bulls, he first dealt with the relationship between Jordan and the players, so that he had to believe in his teammates, so after that there was, Cole's shutout, there was also the Bulls' triple crown dynasty.

The flip side of this is the 2003-04 Lakers, who had four Hall of Fame stars in O'Neal, Kobe, Karl Malone and Patton. At that time, it seemed that the Lakers "F" lineup wanted to win the title easily, but unfortunately, due to internal conflicts within the team, they were "civilian team" Pistons in the finals, the team has fallen apart since then, until James joined the Lakers, only The team fell apart until James joined the Lakers, ushered in the re-emergence.

So, to win the championship or to ensure the strength of the lineup, the atmosphere in the locker room is very important. But the next season, including the situation of the Lakers and Warriors, is not as good as imagined. The next to talk about the new season is most likely to implode a few teams.

When the Lakers with a dismal performance and results, early end of the 2021-22 season, in many people's view, Willow's career in the Lakers also ended early early. But the head coach were fired, and the Lakers have been hoarding guards, which will make Willow's position become awkward, his positioning and mentality if he can not adjust, then it is not good news for the Lakers.

In the early part of last season, Willow did not perform well, when he was also pinned to break this awkward situation, so he began to attack the basket like crazy, but his hitting rate was very dismal, which also caused the dissatisfaction of his teammates, what happened in the locker room release, has not yet broken out, but from the performance of the players on the court at that time, Willow has been isolated, no one will give him the initiative to pass the ball, even Tucker in The first thing that happened was that the player was isolated and no one would give him the initiative to pass the ball, and even Tucker ignored the near-by Willow when he sent the sideline ball and sent it to James who ran near the middle of the court, leaving Willow wide-eyed and frozen in place.

The good thing is that at that time there was James pressure, Willow still have some residual power, and did not break out in the game conflict, but after so much off-season, his residual power is gone, and James in the summer league, and set aside the relationship with Willow, he and Willow ignore each other, like strangers, which makes Willow will be more isolated, and a person at the bottom of the fall, any thing may be No matter what, Willow will become the team's time bomb.

The Lakers' problem is not only Willow, but also Davis and James' problem, with James' failure to lead the team last season, his prestige is also under suspicion, healthy Davis is still at the peak, next season is the best time for him to take the top spot, and with him in, he will not let James "brush points", he wants to win, which may also The "411" on James' project, to the thick eyebrow temper, last season are bold on the field, openly with teammates Howard outbreak conflict, next season may not be afraid to take James to stand up, and the results of doing so, is bound to be the team's torn.

There are these two big contradictions in the Lakers' new season is likely to get nothing again.

Second, the Warriors.

The conflict of the Warriors has long been highlighted, especially after getting the championship, because of this problem, there are a lot of championship-winning merit, are separated from the Warriors, the problem is the payroll problem.

The Warriors' payroll problem happened once in 2019, coincidentally, when Green's contract was also about to expire, and after that incident, the Warriors were left out of the playoffs for two consecutive years, a price that can't be beaten, from a championship team to a fish-belly team, with just one off season.

This time the salary problem, will be more dangerous than the last time, according to the U.S. media reports, with the Warriors luxury tax pressure is getting bigger and bigger, someone suggested to the Warriors management: Warriors some players have ability and salary mismatch, should take the initiative to reduce salary!

Then Thompson gave a strong response: Warriors is someone who needs to take a pay cut, but not me!

Dream Green said he hoped to get a longer top salary extension, while Wiggins and Poole again after winning the championship, have congratulated each other to get a big contract, and Curry's finals performance, has proved his value, it is impossible to take a pay cut.

Warriors general manager Myers, has said to renew all the contracts with the main players, but obviously not realistic, if renewed, the Warriors at the end of next season after the total payroll, will reach as much as $ 500 million, so much money, has been enough for three ordinary teams a year of total payroll, any one owner will not do so, so someone is bound to leave the Warriors.

If the Warriors can't solve this problem in the off season, then the locker room atmosphere of the Warriors next season, must not be too good, the backstabbing will be more intense, Green and Durant's incident will repeat, only there is a lesson in the last time, do not know who will be the final out of the one.

Third, the Nets.

Durant went through the application for trade fiasco, and then news came out that Nash and Irving's relationship can not be watered down, former NBA player Alden Poly nice in an episode of the podcast, talking about the relationship between the two of them, Poly nice said: "One of the reasons for his conflict with Irving was at a party at Nash's house, in front of everyone, Valkyrie said that 'You need to give those MVP trophies of yours back to Kobe, you don't deserve them.'"

In response, Bucks teammate Kevin Durant retweeted the story in question and wrote, "This old guy is even older after telling this lie of the century."

Then there's Simmons' mental issues, both of which are an untimely bomb. Nash, as a rookie head coach, doesn't have enough ability to handle player relationships.

Fourth, the Suns.

The owner has to sell the team, naturally will not be thinking about the future of the team, the reinforcements are estimated to be so, and Paul and Booker's appearance and God, Crowded and the team's relationship with the tension, will make the next season of the Sun, at any time outbreak of internal strife.

Five, the Celtics.

Brown in the Durant deal as a bargaining chip, has been discontent, if the team can not give him more tactical position, then next season's Celtics, will certainly break out more serious infighting events.

Last season Harden is in bad shape, the team has internal accusations against him, even the team's rookie Maxi, also dare to Harden to drop something. Forced Harden in the off-season, recruited a number of old rockets, next season is also likely to break out internal strife.


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