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Should Nikkita Lyons Turn Heel?

by Clyde E. Dawkins 2 months ago in fighting
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Nikkita Lyons' stock has raised in under a year in WWE, but could it raise just a bit more if she became a villainess?

Nikkita Lyons previously competed in WOW as Faith the Lioness

As a fan and avid watcher of WOW - Women of Wrestling, I'm still elated to see Nikkita Lyons in World Wrestling Entertainment. She's one of a few names from WOW who have hit the mainstream market; Impact Wrestling currently has Gisele Shaw, who competed in WOW as Azteca, and in the case of Nikkita Lyons, she competed as Faith the Lioness in the promotion. I remember that gimmick, it mainly centered on her music background, and I also remember being afraid that they would make her a heel. Wrestling promotions always seem to make villains out of multi-talented characters, it's an easy thing to do, but that was not the case with Faith the Lioness. Nikkita Lyons (real name Faith Jefferies) was signed by WWE in 2021, and made her televised WWE debut on New Year's Eve on an episode of what was then known as 205 Live (it's now NXT Level Up). In WOW, I didn't want Faith to be a heel, but after eight months of seeing Nikkita, I now want Nikkita to be a villainess, because she has the look.

2022 has seen Nikkita feuding with Lash Legend, as well as participate in the first-ever Women's Breakout Tournament, defeating Arianna Grace in Round 1, but having to bow out due to an injury (it was clear to fans that Nikkita was going to win that tournament). She returned on June 28 of this year, and so far, nothing has changed; her stock is still quite high. Nikkita was one of the final combatants remaining in a #1 Contender's Battle Royal that was won by the returning Zoey Stark, and she had recently drawn the ire of Kiana James, defeating her on the recent go-home episode of NXT (the last one before Heatwave).

Could Zoey Stark be the main victim of a Nikkita Lyons heel turn?

I've wanted Nikkita Lyons to turn heel for a few months now. With her physique, gear, and attitude, Nikkita could be an amazing villainess on NXT if given the chance to do so. I still say on the night that Cora Jade turned heel on her tag team (championship) partner Roxanne Perez, it should have been Nikkita who made the swerve. We all know what took place; it began with Roxanne Perez being found attacked in the parking lot hours before her big title opportunity, and after Cora attempted to replace her partner in her honor, Roxanne made it and challenged Mandy, only to be attacked by Cora. It really should have been Nikkita revealed as the villainess behind the attack on Roxanne, and I was seriously waiting for her to show up and mow down both Roxanne and Cora; part of her way of saying that she should be in the title picture.

Nikkita is part of an interesting development at the moment: she and Zoey Stark were announced as one of the teams participating in the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament. It's randomly thrown together, but this could lead to something. Zoey is challenging Mandy Rose for the main title, and honestly, she should win it, it's about time for Zoey to get that elevation, plus Mandy's been champion for 10 months. So here's what I'm thinking: Zoey wins the title, and Nikkita becomes insanely jealous of her current partner's success, leading her to develop that ego that I thought I would see on WOW. When that time comes (either during the tournament or on NXT), the evil Nikkita could viciously attack Zoey and become a villainess hellbent on becoming NXT Women's Champion. If that happens, we'll most likely see Nikkita portrayed as something resembling a monster heel; she has the look and the physical power to play that role.

I'm really hoping that this happens; I truly think Nikkita would shine as a villainess on NXT, I think she looks more natural as a heel. Plus a feud between Nikkita and Zoey would definitely steal the show and help both women in the process.

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Born on March 18, 1985. I am an avid fan of sports and wrestling, and I've been a fan of female villains since the age of eight. Also love movies--especially comedy and horror--and among my favorite TV shows are The Simpsons and Family Guy

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  • Jason Ray Morton2 months ago

    As hot a commodity as she is maybe she’ll get called up. Bianca could use someone that’s a stronger physical specimen. It’s getting tougher to see Bianca as strong with some of the week ass looking women she’s been working with.

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