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Should Le'Veon Bell Play This Season?

by William Ricks 4 years ago in football
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With the ball in his backfield and the clock running out, should Bell come back to play at this point in the season?

Le'Veon Bell is pushing against the deadline when it comes to him playing this season. He has until next November 13th to report to his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers or he forfeits his season. Bell has been the story of the NFL season with his continued holdout from the team. He has refused to sign his franchise tag, and now has lost out on 8.52$ million in earnings this season The Steelers have found their mojo, and it seems like life is fine in the world of Le'Veon Bell. Should he even come back this season?

To Play, or Not to Play

At this point, Bell has to wonder if it is even worth playing this season. He has already missed out on half of his season's salary and seeing his tweet saying farewell to his Miami home, he doesn't seem to be in a serious need of money. Bell isn't the first player to recently hold out for his money, Rams DT Aaron Donald held out until he was paid by LA.

The difference is, the Rams actually gave Donald his money, the Steelers aren't willing to pay Bell.

Bell is completely betting on himself and believes the that he will get the contract he deserves in the offseason.

Bell might want to play to give teams interested in him a sneak peek of what could be in their backfield. Because it would be hard to believe Bell returns to the Steelers long-term after this season, Bell playing does put him at risk for injury, and he can ask Earl Thomas about that topic. Thomas suffered a season-ending injury playing with the Seahawks, and he decided to come to play for his team after they didn't give him the contract he wanted. Bell actually tweeted about it after Thomas' injury occurred.

Warm Welcome Back?

Bell has a lot to consider before he has to report on November 13th. If he doesn't report, his season is over. The Steelers are doing just fine without him after struggling early in the season. This raises the question if Bell does come back, will he be welcomed back?

The Steelers offense has adjusted to life without Le'Veon, and James Conner has become an exceptional backup. Conner has had a better start through eight games compared to Bell's start last season. Conner's run style seems to work better for the Steeler's O-Line, and they've voiced their opinions about Bell's holdout.

Art Rooney II said on Sirius XM radio Thursday that the Steelers expect Le'Veon to report, but will he show up? And if he shows up, will he be welcomed in a locker room that has finally found some harmony? The plot gets thicker in this Le'Veon Bell saga and his upside down tweet didn't make things any cleare...literally.


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