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Season Review - The Kansas City Royals

by Kayson Cruz about a year ago in baseball
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The Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals are the defending champions and will face the New York Yankees in the World Series. This is a huge time for the baseball team, the fans, and the team itself. Many have called this World Series fair one, however, it has been anything but fair for the Royals. They have been getting knocked down deep into the series each time and have not been able to come back to win. What will happen in these crucial games that could decide whether or not the Royals go far in the playoffs?

The first game will be played in Oklahoma City against the Angels. The Angels are a very good team that has beaten some of the top teams in the league such as the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels are a well-built team that has a strong offense as well as a very good pitching rotation.


Unfortunately, the season is young but the Royals have a very good shot at taking this series. The only problem is that they are without their best player, Alexi Yasuda, who has missed most of the season with an arm injury. He is a big reason why the Angels have been able to challenge the Royals. The other key player on the Angels, reliever Tony Watson, has pitched poorly lately and is not thought to be healthy enough to go in for the game.

Game time for the game will be set for 7:10 PM CDT. You can watch the game on MLB Network. If you live in Kansas City, the stadium is usually half full anyway so there should not be any lines in the seats when the game starts. If you want to purchase Kansas City Royals single game tickets then get cheap The Kansas City Royals tickets online from the BBtix website. Of course, weather can play a big part in the outcome of a game. The temperatures may be in the mid-seventies but if it is cold enough outside for play then the temperature inside the stadium may be in the low twenties.

The starting lineup for the Royals should be something familiar to you. It should be pretty easy to recognize most of the players. centerfielder Delino De Los Rios, the designated hitter, is usually preceded by two base runners, usually, those who are designated as the pinch-hits or as the cleanup hitter. Usually, these two players are the younger brother (or nephew) of one of the players on the team.

Normally the Royals' starting pitcher will be inserted into the game after a while. Normally this is done after the team has had some success. But since this is a rivalry game and the competition is especially high-level, sometimes the starter gets inserted too soon and the team has a lot of trouble in getting off to a good start. The reason for this is that the team has so many young hitters that require plenty of at-bats to make the most of their hitting performance.

So what do the other teams do in situations like this? They usually bring in a proven closer or a true closer such as Kenley Jansen of the Angels. Usually, the starting pitcher comes to the game late in the 3rd inning, and the team scores three runs in the 4th.

That is why the team needs to keep their rotation fresh. Starting aces are better than starters because they are more consistent. Therefore, the Kansas City Royals need to go with a regular 6-inning rotation, not a rotation that goes for 5-innings.

Also, the team has been known to use their closer more frequently in crucial situations. This has been a problem for the Kansas City Royals in the past. Therefore, they need to figure out how to use their starting pitcher more often in critical situations and use their closer less often to preserve their closer arm.

Another area where the Kansas City Royals have been able to excel is in the bullpen. They have several extremely effective relievers, which allows them to maintain the same lineup each night. As a result, the team rarely has to deal with changing players during a game. All the same, the team does have several options at their disposal because each member of the rotation is capable of playing a role on both sides of the field.

All-Star outfielder Eric Hosmer has had his ups and downs in his career, but he has been one of the best acquisitions for the Kansas City Royals this year. He has hit home runs but has also been worth the investment because of his defense at third base. The team's starting catcher, Eric Hausman, is also capable of playing every day, but he has hit just poorly and he is on the roster just for the playoffs. The Kansas City Royals have been a force all year, but they will not go far unless they beat the Los Angeles Angels in the World Series. It appears that the team will go as long as the Angels go, but things are not going to get any easier for them as they head into the postseason with a chip on their shoulder.


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