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Rearranged the NBA's five strongest third overall: Anthony fourth, Harden third, what about the first?

by kevin813 2 months ago in basketball
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As we all know, the first pick in the NBA draft is the No.1 yuan, the second pick is the second pick and the third pick is the Tanhua. According to the ranking, the sequence of the three yield should be top > second > no., but actually appear in the NBA draft convention absolutely a lot of first and second, and perhaps the most unexpected vice-mayor of that one, like the celtics in active service and double vice-mayor tatooine brown, Chauncey billups, earlier before the Wilkins and Bob cousy west, Are tanhua, but, the author today will choose than these people also strong five tanhua! They became some of the biggest stars in the NBA.

Fifth place: Doncic Flower Exploration 2018

When it comes to the best star of the new generation, it's Doncic, who has completely changed the view of NBA fans that European point guards can't be superstars. Doncic was considered an underdog in the 2018 draft, and his performance has left fans in the face. In his second season, Doncic's average soared to 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game. It can be said that doncic has become a top five player in the league, and he has a bright future in the future.

4. Anthony In 2003

The 2003 draft is undoubtedly considered the year of the draft, it produced a number of superstars such as James, Wade, Bosh and so on, so it is also known as the '03 Platinum generation. In 2003, carmelo Anthony even threatened lebron for the No. 1 pick. Melo Anthony came into the league as an offensive kaleidoscope at the small forward position and won the scoring title. The only honor melo lacks in his career is a championship. I hope he can get his own championship ring before he retires.

No. 3 James Harden in 2009

As another big draft year in the new century, the 2009 draft also produced a lot of stars, the current Curry, derozan, Blake Griffin, Rubio are from this draft. The 2009 draft will be James Harden. In his prime, Harden was also the league's top scorer and the most difficult player to guard in the league. In the 18-19 season, Harden averaged 36.1 points per game, and won the scoring title for three consecutive years and the MVP award. Harden is now just one title away from winning the NBA championship and FMVP trophy, hoping to be crowned in his future career.

2. Chamberlain exploring flowers in 1959

Speaking of Wilt chamberlain, surely everyone will not be unfamiliar, but let everyone surprise is undoubtedly, physical talent so horrible Wilt chamberlain, why was not selected until the third pick? Originally, the NBA draft system at that time was not perfect, there was a certain geographical protection system, and the Philadelphia Warriors had the third pick, so they also chose Chamberlain. Chamberlain's achievements, needless to say, include two championships, four MVPS, one FINALS MVP, seven scoring titles, 11 rebounding titles, among which the most shocking achievement is undoubtedly 100 points per game.

1. Michael Jordan in 1984

And the NBA history of the first woman, deserved to belong to Jordan, this point can be said, after all, Jordan as the NBA history of the first recognized player, to be the first woman. Jordan's career achievements almost fans are almost back to recite the flow, six championships, six Finals MVP, and six respectively are two three-peat, which is to intensify Jordan's legendary career. Therefore, the NBA history of the first exploration, deserved natural Jordan.


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