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Politics ( And Other Spectator Sports )

by P. B. Friedman about a month ago in culture

Th' Other Way 'Round, Too

Politics ( And Other Spectator Sports )
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Anybody who is oblivious to the reality that the U. S. exchanged snake oil salespeople insofar as the White House went last fall needs to take a few chances, they are fooling themselves. No, I am not a Trump proponent...a closet anarchist, perhaps. P.B. for Anti Christ...only kidding.

I was listening to Glen Beck on Fox radio early this week and was impressed with his guest. He turned out to have the initials D.T. which goes to show something. At first I thought the guy was a military General who just seemed to be making some sense.

A General of a different sort is JSU Head Football Coach " Primetime " ( who upbraided someone for not calling him Coach Prime ) D. Sanders. The not so old ball coach mainly seems to have exhausted his house for recruits; nothing weird or unusual there. I heard local broadcasters suggest that Mr. Sanders could be angling to end up directing his alma mater, Florida State University. At least he does not seem to have an interest in being Athletic Director, that is to my limited vicarious knowledge. Unlike the politicians his wife is under publicized; again, to my knowledge. Maybe there is not a lot of room for a second larger than life figure in the household. If there are daughters they escape my radar currently.

Who would CP compare with were he to pursue politics, one speculates. I would not suggest the late Ronald " Dutch " Reagan, who attended class to be eligible mostly for football. If Deion has acting aspirations this has gone unnoticed as well, although he and Reagan were both broadcasters for a time. While Coach Prime may be a bit of a grandstander, he is not resembling a certain Texan in the sense that there is not speculation he may run for high office. It seems as though you could imagine him co starring with perhaps Halle Berry, although he would not be necessarily limited by gender or ethnicity exclusively. One person who does not seem threatened at the moment is a certain legend in some minds over in Forrest Gump's/Jenny Curran's neighboring state of Alabama.

Of certain interest to my one subscriber here would be that I am giving a Christian movie channel a chance this week. So far this has not embarrassed me, although I cannot say a lot beyond this. Cust. Service was cordial on the phone. All in all it represents an impulsive decision based upon random boredom more than anything else. Don't most things have a limit, even including how much trash I can stomach from secular stuff? I mean gratuitous sex and violence is great ( or hedonistic ) , right? Perhaps the answer is both or neither, depending on what chemicals are in one's system. You say Slut, Chick, Tomato or Women, I say Toe-Ma-toe.

Remember, I am fictitiously or otherwise under contract ( mainly to Casinos ) to blog here. So: blog, blah, blog! Without my iron clad thirteen week ( or lifetime, whichever seems more arduous ) contract clearly stating that should I seem stoned and sing all night long it's probably tradition there is no likelihood that i would be motivated. Technically, like all SSI recipients ( or most, perhaps ) I have not been obligated to move a muscle for quite some time. Inertia does not always have the allure most people attach to it, though.

More Mississippi mugginess, anyone? State, as our Starkville based MSU is referred to seems to possibly have resorted to a bit of chicanery in the person of Head Football Coach Mike Leach. While he has not won any National Championships or left any programs due to NCAA violations the similarities exist between he and one Jack Sherrill, perhaps. Maybe it goes to show that schools must hire a name coach at times and deal with him being at the tail end of a solid career.


P. B. Friedman

Touch magazine profile. My name is Paul Friedman and I write off. The wall poems, which people don't like and good ones that they do. I'm a sports freak.

The last sentence no longer holds true. My interests are dominated by feminism.


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P. B. Friedman
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