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Paul joins James, Crowder in proposed trade to Heat

Suns owner sells team

By milton ricardaPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
Paul joins James, Crowder in proposed trade to Heat
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Sun owner Robert Sarver released a personal statement announcing that he has begun the sale of the NBA Phoenix Suns and WNBA Phoenix Mercury.

The incident started with a long article written by ESPN last November, in which former Suns owner Earl Watson was one of the actual whistleblowers in the article. The article surfaced a series of racist and misogynistic behaviors by Savol that made the Suns' work environment consistently hostile.

This included Savol sending pictures of his wife in a bikini to employees and talking about some details of his conjugal life with her.

One Suns shareholder had this to say about him: "He's more misogynistic and racist than people can imagine. As an owner, it's embarrassing. Anything you say about him from a misogynistic and racist perspective wouldn't surprise me."

So the league stepped in with an investigation that lasted 11 months and 320 people cooperated with investigative interviews, resulting in a 36-page investigative report. Savol will then be fined $10 million and also banned from any involvement with either the Suns or Phoenix Mercury for the next year.

Savol then respectfully issued a statement saying he would accept the NBA's decision to punish him.


But there was no understanding, and James came out and spoke up, saying there was no room for those actions by Savol in this league. Paul also happened to strongly support James, and Green even said bluntly in the video that if Savol's behavior could be forgiven, then the incident with the Clippers owner would be a joke.

As things festered, Savol was under pressure and decided to sell the team. This was strongly supported by NBA league president Adam Shaw, who issued an official statement, writing, "I fully support Savol's decision to sell the NBA Phoenix Suns and WNBA Phoenix Mercury. This is a step in the right direction for the team and the league family."

According to ESPN, the Suns are considered a very popular team in the buy and sell market and will have no shortage of high-level buyer candidates. Considering the warm climate in the West, league executives have long believed that if the Suns find a suitable owner, they will be very popular with free agents.

Multiple sources have revealed that the early expectation at this point is that the Suns' trade process will last several months.

The Suns will also go through a period of shock, and this incident with the owner is the trigger that ignited the team's outburst. The Suns are already burnt out, and the team is not stable internally, especially with Paul and Ayton and Booker's ball handling issues, as well as Crowder's dissatisfaction with the Sun not renewing his contract, etc. Sooner or later, these conflicts will erupt. Therefore, some sports people suggest the Suns, this instability, all trade, they proposed 2 kinds of trade program, can be carried out at the same time.

One, the Lakers Sun three-way deal, Paul teamed up with James.

Paul and Los Angeles have a long history, in the Hornets period, the Warriors had used Curry and Klay as trade chips to trade for Paul, but at that time the Warriors were a small ball market, so Paul refused to commit to renewing the contract, but also let the deal ends, then Paul has talked about joining forces with Kobe, the details of the deal have been talked about, but the Hornets were being hosted by the league at the time, they think that Kobe and Paul The combination, will rule the league, so after an emergency meeting, finally called off the deal, also let Paul's dream of Los Angeles become a bubble.

To this dream, Paul after joining the Los Angeles Clippers, but because of the combination with Greenfinch and small Jordan, has not been out of the results, the Clippers traded him to the Space City to join forces with Harden, and since then several bounced around, but also never in the resident Los Angeles, which has become a regret, and now the opportunity to return to Los Angeles has come again.

The specific possible trade options are

The Lakers send: Willis, 27-year and 29-year first-round picks.

Get Paul, Saric.

The Jazz send: Conley, Bogdanovic.

Get Willis, 2027, and '29 Lakers' first-round picks.

Suns send Paul and Saric.

Get: Conley, Bogdanovic.

This trade can be considered a triple-win deal. The Jazz got the two first-round picks of the coveted Lakers, the Lakers got rid of Willis, and got strong reinforcements Paul and Saric, Paul successfully went to Los Angeles, and the Suns got power shooter Bojan, and veteran Conley, for their team culture rebuilding, a great help.

, and helped them reach the finals, but due to the shrinking season, the Brow did not suffer too many injuries, which allowed the Brow to lead the team and beat the Heat. But Crowder's performance got the Suns' attention and they spent three years and $29.16 million to take him under their wing.

The effect is also immediate, immediately helping the Suns back to the ranks of the strong team, not only into the playoffs, but also to the finals, but unfortunately due to the letter brother "pad" event, let the Bucks directly out of the game, otherwise, the finals if the Suns play the Bucks, there is a high probability of winning.

Crowder's performance, once again let the heat to his goodwill, according to "Miami Herald" reporter Barey Jackson reported: Crowder will leave the team, and the heat has the opportunity to take over.

A sports source, subsequently, gave specific possible trade scenarios.

Heat send Duncan Robinson and Nikola Jovic.

Get the Suns: Crowder, Cameron Payne.

This is also a win-win deal, Crowder last season's regular season, a total of 67 games, averaged 9.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game, shooting 39.9% from the field.

In the playoffs, he averaged 9.4 points, 4.7 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.0 steals per game, shooting 40.0% from the field.

Through the data can be found, Crowder's performance is very stable, and also has a lot of playoff experience, plus previously played in the Heat, completely can be quickly integrated into the team.

One of the imaginary opponents in the East is undoubtedly the Bucks. Alphabet is ranked first in the league's Top 100 players in the new season by the well-known American media CBS, and Butler is ranked 10th. Butler, although also very strong, but let him and the letters of brother, will be very disadvantageous, the arrival of Crowder, just can solve this problem, Crowder power enough, stable under the plate, put him as the team's first line of defense, top defense letters such as the front line can not be better.

This trade will allow the Suns to solve the instability of the team, while getting help for the championship, or can be considered.


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