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Paul gets a championship helper, Harden becomes a sacrificial lamb.

Clarkson's speech hints that a deal may have been reached

By Wall BerryPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

Paul is the greatest super point guard after Stockton and Nash. Before the rise of Curry, Paul has been the leader until the rise of Curry, leading the era of small ball to the top, Paul is one of the few traditional guards who have been able to survive until now, and has been proving himself and the value of traditional guards, but this is such an iconic figure, but has not won the championship, and career so far, Paul has experienced a number of team owners change ownership of the The event was even flirted with "boss killer", it seems that every time he joins a team, the team's management will be a deep turmoil.

Early in his career playing for the Hornets, the owner George Banshee because of the financial situation, abandoned the team, the team was also entrusted by the league, but also called off the opportunity to join forces with Kobe. Then went to the Clippers, owner Sterling because of racist remarks, was a joint petition, had to sell the Clippers. And shortly after going to the Rockets, Paul went through the owner Alexander took the team and sold it to the restaurant giant Nefertiti's deal.

Now to the Suns, and is experiencing the Suns owner of the "Savoy speech incident", James and Paul have come forward to speak out, the Warriors' Raymond Green is in the video said, should vote to decide whether the Suns owner, Robert Savoy out of the league.

Green said: "I need to get an explanation, why the Clippers owner David Sterling, on the ousted, and forced Robert Savoy to sell the team can not? I demand a vote and let's see what these owners are all about."

The incident hasn't died down, but it was certainly a big hurt for the Suns, who didn't do well last season, losing to the Mavericks led by Dominic in what was considered a sure win in the second round, leading to an empty duel between Paul and Curry.

By the off-season, the Suns were actively seeking a Durant trade in order to continue to strengthen, but in the end it came to nothing and created some weird atmosphere within the team. The team's turmoil has cast another shadow over Paul's hopes of winning a championship, but with Clarkson's important speech in an interview, things have turned around.

Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson was recently interviewed and asked by a reporter what his outlook was for the upcoming season?

Clarkson said: No matter what happens, he's ready to go. He's been in the league for nine years so far. He's kind of a young veteran in that regard. So he's ready for whatever direction management, ownership and the team wants to go. If I put on a different jersey in a week, or tomorrow, I just want to work hard for the playoffs and win something.

Also Clarkson focused on the fact that last season was frustrating, but the sun will come up the next day and you have to figure that out.

Here side he focused on the word sun (sun), so some sports experts believe that the Jazz will send him to the Suns and proposed a win-win deal with the following specific scenario

The Suns send: Crowded, Shame, Sari, a first-round pick protected by the first five picks in 2023, and a second-round pick in 2023.

Get the Jazz: Bojangles Ordovician, Clarkson.

The deal also arrived confirmed by celebrity Brian Windstorm, who said in an appearance on NBA Today that Crowded has been put on the shelf by the Sun and the team is in trade talks, with Jazz veteran Bojangles Ordovician as the Sun's trade target. The Sun's current operation looks like it's headed for a championship and they are doing everything they can to upgrade their roster.

The trade package is highly actionable and treats both sides relatively friendly.

The Suns sent Crowded, who was resentful because his contract was not renewed, and also sent Shame, Sari and first-round picks, but got instant power, which will make their roster stronger again.

Clarkson, at 1m96, is a point guard known for his messy play making ability. In the eyes of many fans, he is already the No. 1 point guard in Asia. After coming to the NBA, he studied under Kobe, whose influence on him is very deep, and now his movements are vaguely Kobe's shadow, while Kobe's Mamba spirit is reflected in him, as long as he is not knocked down, then he will go straight to the basket, and the ball basket will be infinitely enlarged in his eyes until the shot is scored.

He has the ability to solve problems, and the best sixth man is a testament to him. Last season, he was also able to put up an average of 16 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game, and in the playoffs, he was able to get 17.5 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game, which helped the team for all to see.

Clarkson definitely has the strength to help the team to the championship, to the Suns, he can enhance the strength of the team's bench, so that the depth of the Suns lineup a unique, far ahead of other teams, while in the team can not play the situation, he can also come out to complete the score, at least not to let the team's loss of points to 30 +, with his joining, the Sun will also be the top team in the West, have the strength to counterbalance The Lone Ranger and Warriors.

In this deal, the Sun will also get Bojangles, who has both the speed and agility of a guard and the ability to shoot accurately from long range, and is a very good offensive player who has shot over 40% from three-point range for 3 consecutive seasons. Last season, he averaged 18.1 points per game, hit 2.6 threes per game and had a 39.2% three-point shooting rate.

The significance of him joining the Sun is equivalent to what Kay Thompson will do for the Warriors when he comes back. He can be the Sun's third point of attack, can improve the Sun's outside firepower, help the team to pull the space, he is a player worth giving him the starting position, can take the pressure of Paul and Booker's scoring, he is the best catalyst to break the Sun's deadlock.

With the addition of these two stars, the Suns can really rule the league, there will be few rivals, Paul has a great hope to get the championship, so, it's just a pity that Harden, he did not hesitate to take a pay cut of about 15 million for the championship, but in the end, it will also be with the conclusion of this transaction, all the payment became in vain. Next season the Jazz will have enough space, perhaps they have the opportunity to sign Harden naked, do not know to that time, will be how to choose, let us wait and see it.


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