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NFL Week 2 Recap: Guess Who's Leading the AFC South?!

by Clyde E. Dawkins 3 months ago in football
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A surprising team takes a division lead, and many teams blow leads in the second week of the 2022 season

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in first place in the AFC South. I want to say it again, because it bears repeating, plus it's something to really drink in. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in first place in the AFC South. This improbable moment began to take shape when the Jags faced the rival Indianapolis Colts; the first of their perennial pair of meetings this season, as well as their first meeting since the final week of the 2021 season. We all remember that finale, where the Jags served as the ultimate spoilers to Indy's playoff plans. All Indy needed was a win to get into the playoffs, but the lowly, lowly Jags blasted them and ended the Colts' season.

Carson Wentz (rightfully) received all of the blame for that fatal loss, but in a rare defense of Wentz...at least he scored points. The Colts couldn't get anything against that Jags defense. Six takeaways, six sacks, and no points surrendered. The Jags' recent ownership of the Colts continued with a 24-0 victory at home, moving them atop the AFC South and giving them a tiebreaker over the Colts (yes, I know it's September and it's too early to talk tiebreakers).

The Jaguars ended up cemented as a first place team later in the day, when the Houston Texans fell to the Denver Broncos, 16-9. However, this was not an easy win for the Broncos. This was the Broncos' home opener, and they were looking forward to see Russ cook. Similar to opening week, however, Russ wasn't cooking too much. Another disappointing outing from Russell Wilson mixed with more incompetent coaching from Nathaniel Hackett nearly resulted in an 0-2 start for the Broncos, but they managed to pull it out in the end. So Russell Wilson receives his first win as a Bronco, but it was very arduous. Even so, 1-1 is 1-1.

The week began with an AFC West battle between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, with the game being the very first under Amazon Prime Video's deal with the NFL, which lasts through the 2033 season. The Chiefs got off to a bit of a rocky start, but they took over in the second half, with their first lead coming thanks to a Pick Six; returned 99 yards all the way. Kansas City won, 27-24, improving to 2-0 and making their statement shown: they are still the top team in the American Football Conference.

Not only did the Chargers lose the game, they nearly lost their quarterback. Justin Herbert's ribs suffered a bit of a blow, but he played it out the rest of the way. This is a bit of a blow, as the Chargers entered that week without Keenan Allen, but the blessing in disguise is that Herbert has extra days to recuperate--which is the positive side of playing on a Thursday.

Tua Tagovailoa tied a franchise record with six TD passes

You know, I think it's about time we start giving Tua Tagovailoa some respect. I never understood why Tua isn't being taken seriously as a good QB, and I've never liked that he seems to be getting all of the blame for whatever's wrong with the Miami Dolphins. Miami was in a deep hole against the Baltimore Ravens, having two separate 21-point deficits (28-7 and 35-14). Yet Tua would take over in the fourth quarter, throwing four of his six touchdown passes in the final frame, capped off by a TD pass to Jaylen Waddle with 13 seconds left in regulation. Tua's six TD passes tied him with greats such as Bob Griese and Dan Marino for the most in a single game, and the Dolphins won 42-38.

So how good was Tua's performance from a fantasy standpoint? Let's go to the numbers. Fantasy scoring for quarterbacks goes like this: one point for every 25 passing yards, four points per TD pass, interceptions are a one point deduction. Tua threw for 469 yards, which equals 18.76 points alone. He threw for 6 TDs, which is 24 points, and ran only one yard, which is 0.1 points. He threw two picks, so that's two points off, but even so, that's a grand total of 40.86 fantasy points for Tua--the highest fantasy score for a starting QB in Week 2.

Joe Flacco made up a 13-point deficit in less than 90 seconds

I literally laughed at the Cleveland Browns for losing at home to the New York Jets. The reasons are simple. For one, who the hell loses to the Jets?! For another, who the hell loses to an aging Joe Flacco?! And third, who does BOTH at home?! But the main reason why I laughed at the Browns? Some Browns fans had the gall to actually publicly defend DeShaun Watson prior to the game, and fans like that don't deserve good things. Nick Chubb ran for three touchdowns during that game, but that ended up being for naught. The Jets entered the two minute warning down 30-17, but they managed to get one TD to cut it to six points. After a successful onside kick, the Jets scored another touchdown to put themselves ahead, and they sealed it with a late interception.

The Jets' win sealed a big day in sports for New York City. It was a day that saw the Jets, Giants, Yankees, and Mets all win--an occurrence that hadn't happened since September 27, 2009. Regarding the Giants, their victory came against Cleveland's former quarterback, Baker Mayfield, and the Carolina Panthers, improving the Giants to 2-0 for the first time since 2016, which was also the last time they reached the playoffs.

Byron Murphy Jr.'s fumble recovery for a TD capped off a huge comeback

The Arizona Cardinals were coming off a terrible blowout home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and it looked like things would be going from bad to worse for the team, as they were in Las Vegas looking to salvage something. The Cardinals were down 23-7 late, but Kyler Murray led the comeback. A touchdown followed by a long two-point conversion by Murray himself, long due to the immense amount of time Murray had before he was able to run it in. In the final seconds, Murray tossed another TD pass, but the two-pointer was pushed back five yards due to a delay of game penalty. That didn't deter Murray, as he tossed the game-tying two-point conversion to force OT. The Cards' first possession saw them fail on fourth down, but The Raiders' possession ended with Hunter Renfrow fumbling (for the second time) and Byron Murphy Jr. recovering and returning it all the way for the game winning touchdown.

We nearly saw two other big comebacks this week. One, the Dallas Cowboys nearly blew a 17-3 lead against the Cincinnati Bengals, who tied the game at 17, but Dallas managed to escape with a game-winning field goal. In another case, we nearly saw the Atlanta Falcons actually come back from a 28-3 deficit. Imagine if that had happened. The Falcons coming back from the very score that has haunted them for five years. They ended up bringing it withing four against the Los Angeles Rams, but that's as close as they came.

Speaking of comebacks, Jimmy Garoppolo was back in the saddle, but it came at the terrible, terrible cost: Trey Lance's health. Lance broke his ankle early in the San Francisco 49ers' outing against the Seattle Seahawks, and the news broke later on that Lance would undergo season ending surgery. Garoppolo managed to lead the team to victory, but I'm just going to say this right now. The Niners made an absolute mess with this QB situation. Lance was not ready to take the helm, but they rushed him out of immense disrespect to Jimmy G, and look what happened. Injured in Week 2 and his season is over before it could really begin. Now they have no choice but to continue going with Jimmy G, who actually has had some problems staying healthy himself. If he gets hurt, the Niners are screwed.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite so many variables so far this season, one thing remains the same: Aaron Rodgers owns the Chicago Bears. Facing the Bears is the same as a bye, because the Bears often invent new ways to embarrass themselves, especially at Lambeau Field. Justin Fields led a pretty good opening drive for the Bears, but that was the only positive for Chicago. What followed was Rodgers tearing the Bears apart (like he always does), Aaron Jones running through that Bears defense, and the usual comedy of errors from the Bears offense--if you want to call it that. The Packers won 27-10 in a game that was merely practice for next week against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of which, Brady finally got off the schnide (in the regular season) against the New Orleans Saints, in what was a practice game for Brady as well.

Josh Allen threw three TD passes to Stefon Diggs in Buffalo's 41-7 victory

I was really looking forward to the double dose of Monday Night Football, because I figured I'd get some good close games. Boy, was I off. The Buffalo Bills hosted the Tennessee Titans, while the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Minnesota Vikings, and neither were close. Now, Minnesota getting blown out is no surprise. There are only two things that the Vikings are good at: getting blown out by real teams, and losing to teams that real teams would blow out (an example of the latter: being the first to lose to the Detroit Lions in 2021). However, I thought Titans/Bills would be a close affair, and instead, it was a bloodbath where Buffalo did everything right, and Tennessee (including Derrick Henry) couldn't muster anything. The Bills won 41-7 over the Titans, while the Eagles--led big time by Jalen Hurts--won 24-7 over the Vikings.

So Week 2 saw everyone in the AFC North lose, and ended with everyone in the NFC North at 1-1. Only six teams are unbeaten after two weeks: Miami, Buffalo, Kansas City, the Giants, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay. Seven teams are winless after two weeks: Houston, Indianapolis, Carolina, Atlanta, Tennessee, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas. That's right, three AFC playoff teams from 2021 are winless, including the defending AFC Champions. Also, Aaron Rodgers has a win in 2022, Davante Adams doesn't. Now while Houston and Indy are winless, at least they are 0-1-1. The other five are 0-2 and that does not bode well. This is the third season in which the league will send seven playoff teams per conference. Since this format began in 2020, no team has reached the playoffs after starting 0-2. Yikes.

Week 3 will kick off with an AFC North matchup on Thursday Night Football, the latest chapter of the heated rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. Sunday Night Football will feature the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos, and Monday Night Football will see the New York Giants hosting the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC East clash.

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