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NFL Week 2 Predictions

Predictions for Every Game for Week 2 of the NFL Season

By Trent SheffieldPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Ravens vs. Bengals

From what we saw in Week 1 with Joe Flacco and the Ravens, I don't know if the Bengals will be able to keep this one close. The Ravens defense is much better than that of the one in Indy, so Andy Dalton's performance will probably be affected. And Joe Flacco went off against the Bills, so that should build some confidence going into their Week 2 match-up.

Prediction: Ravens 28 - Bengals 17

Chiefs vs. Steelers

This one is going to be tough to predict since the field to judge each team is small. Big Ben had an uncharacteristically bad game against the Browns, and they allowed the Browns to come back in the second half. The Chiefs, on the other hand, had an offensive explosion in Week 1, with the Mahomes - Hill connection proving to be lethal. If the Steelers play as poorly as they did last week, it is going to be hard for them to keep this one close.

Prediction: Chiefs 31 - Steelers 28

Dolphins vs. Jets

Again we have another tough situation in which to project a winner. Sam Darnold looks to be the QB the Jets have been desperately searching for, and their defense seems to have taken strides this offseason to improve. The Dolphins are happy to have their QB back, and Kenny Stills seems to have taken the role of WR #1 well with Jarvis Landry gone to Cleveland. They pulled off a win against a sub-par Titans team, but the Jets will prove too much to handle.

Prediction: Dolphins 14 - Jets 24

Eagles vs. Buccaneers

For the Bucs, the season could not have gotten off to a better start. For the Eagles, they got the win they wanted, but it was a sloppy showing. Is Fitz-magic a fluke? Probably so. I don't think he nor the Bucs have anymore tricks up their sleeve in this one and they take the "L" in Week 2.

Prediction: Eagles 21 - Buccaneers 6

Browns vs. Saints

Last year, I would have said that Drew Brees might set a new record for most passing yards in a single game against the Browns, but this year is different. The Browns made Big Ben look terrible (whether it was through their defense or Big Ben did it to himself), so does that mean they will do the same to Brees? Probably not. The offense is too dynamic to handle and the Saints take this one easily.

Prediction: Browns 17 - Saints 35

Colts vs. Redskins

Nothing made Colts fans happier than seeing Luck trot out to start in Week 1. What would have made them even happier, you ask? Not blowing the lead and winning game 1 of the season. The Redskins defense is probably on the same tier as the Bengals so if the Colts can fix their defensive issues, they might be able to hang in the game—unless, of course, the ever efficient Alex Smith takes over and pokes holes in the Colts secondary.

Prediction: Colts 24 - Redskins 21

Chargers vs. Bills

All I am going to say is that Phillip Rivers is going to have a field day against this abysmal Bills defense. If you want some Fantasy Football advice, here's some: pick up and start anyone who might start for the Chargers because the points will be rolling in.

Prediction: Chargers 42 - Bills 10

Vikings vs. Packers

There's no way to accurately predict this game with the fate of Aaron Rodgers hanging in the balance. He mounted one of the greatest comebacks ever during the Sunday Night Football game, but will he be able to play this Sunday? The Vikings look amazing as expected, so unless Aaron Rodgers is back in MVP form, this game is the Vikings for the taking.

Prediction: Vikings 28 - Packers 10

Panthers vs. Falcons

The injuries that have plagued each of these teams will play a major factor in the game Sunday. The Falcons offense seems to be collapsing, which is a surprise due to the offensive weapons that they have. The Panthers handed the Cowboys an "L," but in the Cowboys' defense, it's hard to win a game when you have nobody to throw the ball to. If the Falcons offense gets back on track, then they could blow this game wide open.

Prediction: Panthers 14 - Falcons 28

Texans vs. Titans

Watson lacked the confidence in Week 1 to remind everyone that he is one of the most dynamic QB's in the league. The Dolphins beat the Titans, and it seems as though half of the Titans starters got injured in Week 1. The Texans are a much deeper and more talented team than the Dolphins, so the Texans should be able to run away with this one. This should also be a good opportunity for Watson to regain his confidence and some of that swagger that made them look like a force to be reckoned with last season.

Prediction: Texans 45 - Titans 17

Cardinals vs. Rams

The Rams confirmed the fact they are ready to win a Super Bowl on Monday night. They tore up the Raiders in the second half in their Week 1 game. The Cardinals, on the other hand, looked very bad. Sam Bradford will probably get benched during this game and let Rosen have an opportunity to show what he can do. Rams win this one very easily.

Prediction: Cardinals 10 - Rams 35

Lions vs. 49ers

Both teams had disappointing season debuts. Jimmy Garoppolo was underwhelming and Matthew Stafford looked less than desirable. The Vikings are expected to be serious Super Bowl contenders, so I can maybe look past Jimmy G's poor performance. I think the Lions stay down and the 49ers show people they are able to fight for a playoff spot.

Prediction: Lions 21 - 49ers 28

Raiders vs. Broncos

The Raiders looked good for exactly one half of their match-up with the Rams. The loss of Mack was definitely evident as the Rams imposed their will in the run and short passing game. The Broncos may have found a solid starter in Case Keenum, so if they can keep the momentum from their Week 1 win, they will probably be able to handle this weakened Raiders team.

Prediction: Raiders 14 - Broncos 24

Patriots vs. Jaguars

I'm honestly confused as to how the Giants vs. Cowboys game got the SNF slot over this match-up. This will be a close game as the ever efficient Patriots offense against a very stout Jags defense. This outcome of this game really depends on the play of Blake Bortles. If the defense and offense are running on all cylinders, then they will be able to beat the Pats in this possible preview of the AFC game.

Prediction: Patriots 21 - Jaguars 31

Giants vs. Cowboys

The Giants might have the most dynamic offensive duos in the NFL in OBJ and Saquon. The Cowboys offense looked lost and there's only so many times you can give the ball to Ezekiel Elliot before defenses adjust. Giants blow this one out of the water.

Prediction: Giants 42 - Cowboys 14

Seahawks vs. Bears

The offensive line for the Seahawks looked sad and their defense is trying to find their identity after losing the majority of the players who make up "The Legion of Boom." The Bears have a new revamped defense, led by Khalil Mack. Their offense seems to have taken a jump this offseason to help make them more competitive. They looked great against the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers will be Aaron Rodgers, so what can you do?

Prediction Seahawks 7 - Bears 24


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