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NFL Week 10 Recap: Big Trouble in Orchard Park

The Buffalo Bills suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 15 days ago 6 min read

The look on Josh Allen's face says it all.

The Buffalo Bills returned home to face the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football, and they were looking to make up for their Sunday Night Football loss to the Cincinnati Bengals a week prior. The opportunity was there. The Miami Dolphins were on a bye, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots both lost, so they could really pick up a lot. The Broncos entered as winners of two of their last three, but with the Bills having home field, they definitely had the golden opportunity.

And then James Cook fumbled on the opening drive. Then it was Josh Allen throwing an interception after one was disallowed due to the player being out of bounds. The game was terrible for the Bills, as the errors and turnovers resulting in Denver leading for nearly the entire evening. It was 15-8 Broncos at halftime, though the Bills did tie it in the third quarter. Denver regained the lead with a TD, but Wil Lutz missed the PAT, and as a result, Allen's running score and PAT gave Buffalo the lead for the first time. Denver had one last chance. All Buffalo had to do was get the key stops and they'd win. Damar Hamlin's name was heard during this drive, as he had a key tackle late in regulation. Shortly afterwards, however, Taron Johnson commits pass interference on Jerry Jeudy. Broncos are now in FG range, but Lutz misses the 41-yarder. Bills win!

Or so they thought. 12 men on the field. I have always hated this penalty, because teams who commit this are basically telling the world that they can't count. So the field goal moves five yards closer with four seconds left, and Lutz nails it. Broncos win, 24-22.

This was the last thing the Bills needed. Josh Allen had a disastrous performance: 177 yards, one TD, two picks, but also ran for 13 yards and a TD. His fantasy score was 16.38 points, which is low for him, and if it wasn't for the running TD, he wouldn't have double digits. The penalties in the end definitely didn't help. This was an everything problem for the Bills that evening, and as a result of this, not only is Buffalo still behind the playoff line with Thanksgiving closing in, but Ken Dorsey wsa fired as Buffalo's offensive coordinator. The Bills have seven games left to right this ship.

The Cleveland Browns are 6-3. How?! Granted, I didn't have the Browns as a complete shitshow like the Patriots are, but I definitely didn't have them with something close to a legitimate shot at the playoffs this late in the season. Whatever they're doing is definitely working. They handed the San Francisco 49ers their first loss of the season a few weeks ago, and regarding Week 10, the Browns pulled off a key comeback win over the division rival Baltimore Ravens, yet another amazing chapter in that division rivalry, which started in 1999 when the Browns returned. So with Thanksgiving on the horizon, the Browns are currently sixth in the AFC. We will see if they maintain this momentum.

The AFC North became more interesting with the Pittsburgh Steelers winning over the Green Bay Packers at that same time, and it was a close on. It was back and forth, the Packers actually had a lead at some point, as well as one more chance win in the end. Three seconds left, and Jordan Love had the ball with a chance to get a game winning TD, but the pass was intercepted. Steelers held on, and the AFC North logjam became tighter. Ravens still lead at 7-3, but the Steelers and Browns are now very close behind at 6-3.

As for the Packers, this was another good showing from Love, but my spoiled fellow fans just refuse to give him any credit. It reached a personal point with me where I left an online Packers fan group because I was tired of the unfair bashing by Packers fans who expect Love to be Favre and Rodgers overnight. That just doesn't happen. We have to be patient. I myself have the patience of a saint (and no, not the ones in New Orleans, who were defeated by the Vikings in a close game).

Week 10 started with an epic Tank Bowl clash between the Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers, which the Bears won when Carolina's attempt at a game tying field goal missed. The Colts and Patriots played to a 10-6 final that went the former's way in Frankfurt, leaving many complaining that they woke up so early to see a game that was boring. The Houston Texans pulled off a stunning victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, while the Tampa Bay Buccanners won over the lowly Tennessee Titans. The centerpiece of the early window was the aforementioned 49ers, as well as Deebo Samuel's return (which makes this Fantasy owner happy). The Niners trounced the Jacksonville Jaguars, 34-3, but the main story was Christian McCaffrey: his touchdown streak ended at 17. They tried to get him one very late, even with the score being what it was, but it was not to be.

640 yards. That's how potent the Dallas Cowboys offense was against the New York Giants. They outgained the Giants by nearly 500 yards leading to their 49-17 victory, though at least the Giants finally scored on Dallas this season. What the hell happened to the Giants? This team was in the Divisional Playoff last year, and all of a sudden, they've forgotten how to play. I don't get it. I hope no one gets canned as a result of this, especially Brian Daboll, who received a lot of proverbial flowers for last year. The late window also saw the Arizona Cardinals pick up their second win of the season over the Atlanta Falcons, thanks to the return of Kyler Murray. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Washington Commanders via a last second field goal, which is also how the Detroit Lions won their meeting over the Los Angeles Chargers--a high scoring affair, 41-38.

The New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders took center stage in Sunday Night Football; with NBC quick to point out that this was the anniversary of the infamous "Heidi" game between these two clubs over 50 years ago. There would be no interruption here, just a low-scoring and sloppy game that went the Raiders' way. 16-12 was the final score, and the Raiders are 2-0 under interim head coach Antonio Pierce. As for the Jets, this is bad. Aaron Rodgers isn't expected back until mid-December at the earliest. That means that the Jets have to weather a very rough storm for the next four or five weeks. Those games will definitely determine if they have a chance or not.

Ten weeks are done, and Week 11 is the final week before Thanksgiving, which is highly important in the NFL. In the third year of the 18-week regular season, the Thanksgiving week is set at the exact two-thirds mark of the season, and it's usually around or after that week that the playoff talks begin. As for Week 11, it will start with an AFC North clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football, with the AFC North's other two teams facing each other three days later. On Sunday Night Football, the red hot Denver Broncos will host the Minnesota Vikings, and Monday Night Football is a rematch of Super Bowl LVII: the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  • Mariann Carroll15 days ago

    Thank you always keeping updated on the sports, even though I did not want to hear the Bills lost. I do like the Broncos. My dog snowy had both jerseys shirts. Lol

  • Philip Gipson15 days ago

    Reading this recap all the way through really had my emotions running wild. I'm glad I gave it a chance.

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