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My thoughts on sports entertainment called WWE

by Micheal Tomsik 5 months ago in fighting


I actually love the WWE. I have been watching it for most of my life but I will say the company itself has changed over the years. It manages to change with the times, story lines, and drama of sports entertainment.

It is funny the reaction you get at age 51 saying I love the WWE.

What people do not understand: I have watched this company for a good part of my life.

The WWE has a long history in America starting in 1953. The company actually started as Capitol Wrestling Corporation up to 1963. In 1963 the company changed the name to World Wrestling Federation and it remained the name of the company up to 1980 when it was once again changed to World Wrestling Federation. In 2002 the company made a final name change to World Wrestling Entertainment. or WWE.

I do not remember the exact time I started watching the WWE but it was some 25 to 30 years ago.

The Company made history going on the NYSE under WWE the stock stayed around the $20 mark for years till in 2019 the stock soared to nearly $90 per share with the first time ever the company was featured both on USA and FOX. Today the stock holds around $40 per share and had managed to survive even through the Covid19 Virus.

The WWE also has made several movies, and started a service where as members pay $10 per month and can get all the pay per views, and extras. This has helped the company stay on top of the sports entertainment business as no other company to date has ventured to match the WWE.

Recently I watched the 2020 Survivor Series where one of the longest entertainers retired called the UNDERTAKER. As the WWE entertainers came to the ring it brought back memories of watching the WWE on Monday Nights in the USA. Many of these entertainers are retired from the ring but you relate to them as you have watched them over the years on TV and live in person.

It also brought back memories of me and my girls going to live Pay Per Views and even my wife joining in the shows. Sometimes it was a family event just to watch a show or Pay Per View.

Though the entertainers age, get injured, and lives move forward you are reminded of the history of the WWE. As you watch today you see the faces change, new talents arrive, and the landscape of the WWE get with the change you have to ask will it take on a new era, new decade, and will the fans change with the WWE.

I believe this company called the WWE has become an important part of America in the entertainment industry and it will continue to change, and fans and entertainers will come and go but the WWE will stand for a long time to come.

I am happy to say I have enjoyed the WWE and plan to remain a fan as long as the WWE continues!

However I only watch Monday Night Raw, not the NXT or Smackdown on Friday Nights.

I love to make odds on the matches, you can join me live on TWITTER on most pay per views.

As far as story lines, entertainers I like some of the new entertainers but many more are leaving and an ERA has come and gone in the business.

As far as other companies there are a few that seem to be in a position to compete with the WWE.

Thank You WWE!

The Outlaw Micheal Tomsik

Micheal Tomsik
Micheal Tomsik
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