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My favorite wrestling heels

by Dyllon Rodillon about a month ago in fighting

active and inactive wrestlers

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For those of you unfamiliar with professional wrestling lingo, to be a heel means you're the bad guy in the story. To be a heel; you do bad things. You can cheat, you can talk bad about the crowd or the good guy wrestler, or even set up fake alliances and betray your partner. Then worst of all, if you're in the WWE you can join the Authority and side with "the man". Let's take a look at some of my favorite wrestling heels.

Randy Orton

Is there really any pose that says "I'm an Adonis", than the Randy Orton pose? It's absolutely amazing that after over 20 years Randy Orton's body still looks fantastic. Randy Orton is an incredibly safe worker while on occasion not being afraid to turn it up to 11 when Vince allows him to. Just look back to his match with Mick Foley in Backlash 2004 during his "Legend killer" phase. Yet Randy is also known for being an incredibly safe worker. It's also crazy just how quickly this man's rise to the top of the WWE ladder was, and he had some incredible teams. From Evolution, Rated RKO, and Legacy, this man could work with just about anybody and it would just fit because Randy is that talented. Lastly, come on his finisher the RKO was literally a meme. This man has reached meme status only rivaled by John Cena's "you can't see me" meme.


The Rated-R superstar, Edge is a legend and hall of fame wrestler. I'm so glad that in spite of his, what should have been career ending injury, Edge found a way to come back. Edge's natural ability to look so smug, growing up I wanted nothing more than for someone to punch that grin off of his face. I also HATED him when he was feuding with DX and all the horrible things he'd do to Rick Flair. Speaking of; his feuds with John Cena and of course Matt Hardy we're absolutely legendary. Edge was another guy I think of who was just an absolute psycho in the ring, willing to put his body on the line every single week for our entertainment and boy am I glad he's back. Before I forget, he also won the very first "Money in The Bank", and if it wasn't for Edge's brilliance this stipulation would've been a complete bust. I can't chant this loud enough or often enough. But, thank you Edge.

Cody Rhodes

Coming into the WWE Cody Rhodes was honestly just a clone of Randy Orton. He was introduced via his dad, who is already a legend in the WWE. They were both very pompous wrestlers who loved to talk about how great you were and how much you sucked. But Cody somehow found a way to not just be Randy Orton 2.0. I could do without the star dust run, but it is what it is. Thankfully Cody now at the top of AEW is killing it and I am immensely proud of him. Lastly I think the reason I absolutely love Cody is he's such a genuinely nice guy that when you see him has "heel cody", it's such a stark contrast to whom he actually is as a person. He reminds of yet again Randy and now Edge in that regard. So much respect, ironically I'm about to contradict myself with the next wrestler on this list.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman

And people say that kayfabe is dead, Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF is literally my goal if I was a heel. I've seen this man break character all of once. I really don't know how to explain it; but even though his gimmick of "I'm better than you and you know it", which happens to also be his catchphrase funny enough, has been done by plenty superstars in the past. I think it's both the authenticity of his gimmick and commitment to never breaking character that makes MJF shine in my opinion. I also do appreciate his humor, both while being incredibly crass but also when he's just kind of being a goof ball. It just works, it's really hard to explain without seeing the man in action. Within the ring MJF is incredibly talented for his age and I love just how well he plays the coward when the story calls for it. Lastly of course he's an absolute genius on the mic. With newer wrestlers that's a dying art, especially with heels. Site MJF's "videogames" promo, so despicable.

The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. HBK

Seriously, when you can get an entire continent to hate you for pretty much eternity you've done your job well. I could honestly just make HBK's submission about the Montreal screw job and the creative ways in which Shawn has responded to just keep bringing on the heat. He literally trolled the entire country before trolling was ever really a thing. And yet, still be one of everyone's favorite characters throughout both runs of Degeneration X. When you hate Shawn, you HATE Shawn. Then when you love Shawn, we all loved him. That ability to play both sides of the field so well and transition so effortlessly just proves how talented HBK is.


Honorable mentions in no particular order go out to;

  • The Iron Sheik
  • Chris Jericho
  • New Jack (please don't hurt me New Jack for only making you an honorable mention)
  • Rick Flair
  • Triple H
  • Dean Ambrose

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed what you have read today. I have plenty of different articles on many different topics. Feel free to give those other articles a read or two. Also if you'd be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate a heart and if you really feel so inclined tips are always appreciated but by no means required.

Dyllon Rodillon
Dyllon Rodillon
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