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Mapper is expected to leave the team for 0 transfer fee!

Mapper looks to be at the heart of Paris Saint-German's problems

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

From the current situation, Paris Saint-German seems to be in a rather difficult situation. From an objective point of view, Paris Saint-German's performance this season has basically met expectations, and they are in the leading position in Miguel 1. Although they have not yet opened up the points gap with the teams behind them, considering the obvious advantage of the overall strength of the team, it is difficult for them to let other teams take the trophy away from them. In the Champions League, Paris Saint-German is also at the top of the group, and the promotion spot looks to be within reach. However, the main problem of Paris Saint-German is not the performance level, but the team management. With too many superstar players in the team, they don't seem to be able to keep them all together.

As the team's star, Mapper looks to be at the heart of Paris Saint-German's problems. Mapper was originally thinking of leaving the team before the start of last season, when Real Madrid was the most promising team to sign the French star, but after weighing the options, Paris Saint-German kept Mapper. After the end of last season, Real Madrid once again made an offer to the capable attacker, and the two sides even reached an agreement at one point. To the outside world, Mapper's departure was almost certain and the other side was ready to welcome him to join. However, at the last moment when the transfer was about to become a reality, Mapper changed his decision again thanks to the efforts of Paris Saint-German, and he signed a particularly lucrative contract extension with the team, which made him the highest paid player in world football. In addition, the team also gave him many other rights, such as he can decide some staff members to stay or go, and participate in the specific management of team affairs, etc.

After Mapper's contract extension was completed, the first request he made to the team was that he wanted the team to sell Maryanne. Objectively speaking, after completing the contract extension with the team last season, Mariner's performance was not satisfactory. First of all, he was unable to play for a long time due to injury problems, and his attendance rate was not satisfactory throughout the season. Secondly, in terms of contribution to the team, Maryanne could not match Mapper last season. It can be said that although Paris Saint-German did not play exactly as expected last season, Mapper made the biggest contribution to the team's offense when Mess also did not find his form. This is obvious.

Therefore, after Mapper's suggestion to sell Maryanne, the team took it and put Maryanne in the transfer market for a while. However, with Mariner's annual salary of 30 million euros, no team was willing to accept such a big contract when his performance has declined. If Maryanne leaves the team in the form of loan, Paris Saint-Ger main will need to bear a high percentage of salary expenses, and the team has no intention to be such a "grievance". Under the influence of the above factors, Maryanne finally remained in the team.

For such a result, as the "originator" of Mapper is naturally not satisfied. And as another party, Maryanne was informed that Mapper intends to push himself out of the news, he is also naturally dissatisfied with Mapper. Therefore, after the start of the season, there were many scenes where the two of them were "tit for tat". If at the beginning of the season, Mapper was given a high regard due to his special position in the team, then as the season progressed, the team's attitude towards the two players changed quietly due to Mariner's better form. The team began to stop favoring either side, but tried to use cold treatment to let the two sides to eliminate the conflict. Mapper is no doubt unacceptable to the team's way of handling the situation. In his opinion, the team promised to give him special rights when they renewed his contract, and this is a complete deviation from their promise. Moreover, it is understood that in the dressing room of Paris Saint-German, except for a few players such as Kimberly and Ashram who support Mapper, other players do not show obvious signs of favoring the French star.

Unable to get enough support from the team and his teammates, Mapper is disillusioned with his situation and has made it clear that he wants to leave the team. This has attracted the attention of many teams, some of which are already considering the possibility of signing Mapper. Some sources say that Paris Saint-German's bid for Mapper has reached 400 million euros, which is beyond the reach of most teams. However, from the current situation, there is one thing that is very favorable for Mapper, which makes it possible for him to even leave the team for free. According to RM, Paris Saint-German had assigned a third party to release news against their own players, including Mapper. It is said that such actions by the team are typical breaches of contract, and once these actions are proven to exist, then Mapper will be able to leave the team for 0 transfer fee.

For Mapper's next home, according to the British media, from the current situation, there are four big teams expected to sign the top striker. They are Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid. However, it is worth mentioning that, according to sources, Paris Saint-German allowed Mapper to leave the team on the premise that he could not transfer to Real Madrid.


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