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Manchester United 45 million euros big will be sure to leave the team

Interested in chasing a 160 million euro star

By Wall BerryPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

For Manchester United, after a disappointing start, the team is gradually getting on the right track. Although they did not achieve the desired results in individual matches of the tough competition, but overall, in this past period of the schedule, Tenth's team has put up a more convincing performance. With 5 wins and 3 losses in 8 matches in the PL, United has climbed to 5th place, 9 points away from the top team, but only 1 point away from the top 4. Predictably, if United can maintain their current form, they are still very hopeful to be in the top 4 at the end of the season.

In the UFA Cup, Manchester United is also facing a pretty good situation. They have won two consecutive matches and are in 2nd place in the table. If there are no big surprises, they will lock a place in the competition. From an objective point of view, the overall situation of the team, they have very little hope to win the PL, so if they can win the UFA Cup, it will be a pretty good result for the team. But in this tournament, Manchester United can't take it lightly. Among the existing competitors, there are strong teams such as Arsenal and Rom, plus the teams relegated from the Champions League, Manchester United needs 100% effort and some luck to win this tournament. However, the team's excellent form in the past has given the world hope for the team's future.

Looking at the current situation, there are still some problems with Stench's squad, the first and foremost being the team's injury problems. Objectively speaking, the team's overall play in the defensive end this season is not ideal, they have been scored 15 goals in 8 league games by the opponent, conceding nearly two goals per game. For a big team like Manchester United, this kind of defensive efficiency is obviously not good enough. However, in the past six league games, excluding the city derby where they suffered a heavy defeat, United has only conceded three goals in the remaining five games. This largely indicates that the team's defensive quality has been significantly improved. In terms of the back line, Aguirre was dropped after a sluggish start to the season, with Rosalind Martinez and Vane taking up the starting center back positions. These two players are getting better together on the field, and the defensive effect is quite good.

Therefore, the injury problem is still the number one "enemy" facing the team. Especially Vane. He has been plagued by injuries since his career, and seldom keeps enough attendance in a full season. In the current situation, the French center back is again suffering from injury. With Aguirre slow to find his form, Tench needs a healthy Vane. If Vane can't recover from his injury soon, or if he can't keep up his good form, then United might need to sign another center back in the winter transfer window. According to transfer expert Romano, Manchester United is looking at Leon King, a center back who plays for Rangers. The 18-year-old center-back has shown good potential and has played well in the Champions League.

In addition, there are some players whose play will be crucial if Manchester United wants to achieve a desirable record this season. In the midfield position, Casserole was unable to get a starting position for a long time after he came to the team. Hasten seems to trust Nominator, who knows the team better, and put Casserole on the bench more often. However, in the past few games, Casserole gradually got his chance and he started to get more playing time and also came up with very good play. In terms of technical characteristics, compared to Nominator, Casserole reads the game better and has a better ability to play the ball, although he is a little bit inferior in terms of pitch coverage. In the long run, Casserole is more suitable for the role of Manchester United's main back.

Comparatively speaking, there is a midfielder whose position in the team has been very awkward, and he is Van Dee Eek. This season, Van Dee Eek only got 3 substitute appearances in the league, total playing time is only 19 minutes, the average rating is only 6.03 points, in the team ranked in the bottom 3. As a former disciple of Tench, Van Dee Eek has struggled to get a chance to play under his mentor, which is very disappointing for Manchester United. According to ESPN, United has decided to sweep the midfielder off his feet, and he is basically set to leave the team in the winter transfer window. United hope to recover a transfer fee of 45 million euros from Van Dee Beck.

In terms of reinforcements, Mapper has undoubtedly become the most talked about player in the transfer market, and several big teams are interested in getting the top star in their pocket, including, naturally, Manchester United. According to the English media, Manchester United is evaluating the possibility of signing Mapper, and is interested in pursuing the superstar player who is worth 160 million euros. But with so many suitors for Mapper, it will be very difficult for United to finally get what they want.


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