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Lollard is the league's No. 1 money-sucking king

What's the harm in Lollard's lifetime without a title?

By Cucchia TinPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In today's highly commercialized league, almost every season ends with a major trade, which has led to the league landscape being in flux in recent years. After a few years of settling, the league has seen the emergence of a large number of new players such as the Grizzlies and Mavericks. At the same time, there are a large number of traditional powerhouse teams to decline, the Portland Trail Blazers is such a team. The Blazers have not missed the playoffs since they formed a core lineup with Lollard. 2019 Blazers had a further breakthrough in the team's record, as they overcame strong opponents to reach the Western Conference finals in the powerful Western Conference playoffs.

However, unfortunately, their final opponent is the peak of Curry and Warriors. Faced with Curry, who always pressed his own head, Lollard still failed to give an effective response, which also allowed the team to be swept out of the game cleanly. With the Warriors going down because of injuries, everyone was hopeful for this emerging powerhouse team from last season. However, the Blazers in the following three years not only failed to replace the Warriors to become the top of the West, but also deteriorating, the team's record is worse than a year, until last season, they sent out the team's second-best McConnell, the team completely lying flat.

In the team sent McConnell away at the same time, the team's star Lollard and the Blazers signed a two-year long contract, combined with Lollard's age today, the contract basically said Lollard intends to end up the Blazers. We all know that in this league full of business, to be able to do the identity of the star of the one man one city players are few and far between, selected 75 is the league for this rare loyal players recognition. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

It seems that in Lollard's mind, compared to leaving the Trail Blazers to go to other teams to assist others to mix a championship, he enjoys more now in the Trail Blazers with a good salary and a unique team status. With Willow's previous experience, Lollard may be more determined to do what he did. Instead of risking the nebulous championship, it is better to make all the money while you are in your prime.

Although never able to help the team win the championship, Lollard's personal ability and box office appeal is still relatively high in the league. And the Blazers are in Portland, and it's hard to attract the league's top stars to the team in a short time. So the Blazers will still try to keep the basketball superstar that they have cultivated. Keeping Lollard means the team will not exit the league's strongest team in the next three to five years, which means the team's earnings will not be greatly affected.

This season, Lollard signed a two-year super contract with the Trail Blazers worth $122 million, a contract that makes Lollard's salary in the 2026-2027 season more than $60 million. This salary level, in the league, only Curry can match it. The face of the team so sincere approach, and then take into account their own age and may encounter injury problems in the future, Dillard almost impossible to refuse to stay in the Trail Blazers. But with the strength of Lollard's position in the league, the contract is in fact more or less a premium.

Lollard as the league point guard this position on the top three levels of players, take a big contract is also deserved. The reason why this contract has a premium component is because Lollard's strength determines the team to his core is difficult to compete for the championship. And Lollard's mediocre ball-less ability and ball-playing style make him unable to take a backseat to the second line, as the team's second-in-command playing support. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.


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