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LeBron James and the End of an Era…Again

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, or at least that’s what the buzz is. Is he the only superstar getting set to leave though?

By Kenneth WilsonPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

There once was a kid from Akron. His name was LeBron Raymone James. He was a very healthy kid, with a rather tough background, who would grow up to be a rather healthy man. This healthy man from little Akron, Ohio would grow to be so healthy, and superbly skilled at basketball that he would then be drafted by his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers in hopes that he would “Save the franchise”. Well, he didn’t quite do it the first time around as he would leave Cleveland in search of greener pastures and sunnier shades, and this is where he found South Beach, Miami. In Miami little LeBron “The Chosen One”, who had now flourished into King James, won several titles with his comrades in Chris Bosh and BFF Dwyane Wade. Shocking to some, he would then make his return to Cleveland, with the promise of bringing them a ring. “I’m coming home” was the theme song, as LeBron came home, and eventually led his city and franchise to a championship. After many more years of basketball bliss they all lived…………….**BACKSPIN!!


This is usually the part where they all lived happily ever after right? Well not here. Here is some news for you if you hadn’t already figured it out. LeBron James is getting set to bolt Cleveland yet again, and all the signs pointing to that very thing are right in front of your face. Let’s get into it.

LeBron James has always tried to stay ahead of the game when it came to how his situation plays out, or as many pundits put it, “controlling the narrative.” This process began as early as the beginning of last season when it was reported that not only were his kids supposedly enrolled in a California School, but also that he purchased a California home. I am not saying that this points to a shift to a west coast team, but these are typical of LeBron, smokescreens to be honest, so that no one knows exactly what is going on. Last note, going to the West makes no sense however, as it’s hard enough to beat the Western foe in the finals, let alone having to go through the gauntlet compared to the Eastern conference.

Sporting News

There is always some sort of tension going on in the Cavalier organization if you ask me. The current saga of course revolves around point guard Kyrie Irving and his growing disinterest in continuing to play alongside King James. It has also been reported that Kyrie would have been traded to the Phoenix Suns by now, had they offered rookie forward Josh Jackson, Guard Eric Bledsoe, and their upcoming first round pick. This is an issue for me, just as I can see it being an issue for LeBron James. Although the Sun’s supposed package would make things interesting, any return from any team would be a moot point considering I don’t think Kyrie’s output could be duplicated by any player or package of players received in return. The moving of Kyrie and plausible returns are another sign that he will eventually leave, as the Cavaliers are in a pretty tricky spot roster-wise.

Hoops Hype

The last sign and the greatest by far that LeBron James is planning to again relocate are some of the comments and subsequent intertwining moves he has made recently, specifically with his contract. He has said publicly and made it a point to put it out there that he will not waive his no trade clause and that he fully intends to play out the remainder of his contract through 2018. This is a tell-tell sign in itself. LeBron and the owner of the team, Dan Gilbert, have had a pretty rocky relationship since Gilbert penned a not so friendly letter after LeBron left the first time.


Things seemed to be behind them in the beginning of this second tenure but things soon came to light that the issue may not be that far in the rear view. Upon hearing that former GM David Griffin was let go, LBJ took to social media to voice his displeasure, and this is said to have come down to Gilbert not wanting to fork over the bucks to keep “Griff” around. These are examples of little tit for tats, LeBron and his no-trade clause and Gilbert and his low balling, that illustrate why I see the relationship once again dissolving. LeBron and Gilbert will never really get along, the ties that bind them however are money, power, and the Cleveland Cavaliers which are pretty strong.

Regardless of any ties however, LeBron will once again leave Cleveland, and it is very apparent in his actions. I won’t dare say I know or try to predict where he will end up but it won’t be in “Wine and Gold”.


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