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Lakers discussing a deal, Dunn for Gordon, 4 Tigers will help En eyebrows, Willow to the Spurs?

The new season is getting closer and closer, leaving them less and less time to make changes

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The Lakers are not looking good at this stage of the roster, leaving them less and less time to make changes. NBA Hall of Farmer Each Lowe said on his show today that if the Lakers send two first-round picks, the Pacers will gladly send Turner and Yield to Los Angeles, but Lakers management agreed that Yield and Turner do not bring qualitative changes to the Lakers. In other words, they are not worth the price. However, we must be clear, the Lakers want to playoffs and even contend for the title, Willis is a player that must be traded, former NBA star Robert Sorry said, Willis not only in the style of play and James do not blend, he and Beverly no real friendship, which will be a huge locker room pitfalls.

The NBA Analysis Network basketball expert James Percy recently reported that the Lakers will not take two first rounds to bet on Yield and Turner, if they want to use two first-round picks to make a deal, Permalink has a better choice, compared to Turner's said injury, the Spurs' Purcell can defend good inside finish, attendance is also high, and Richardson is also a good 3 player, the Lakers will and the Rockets, the The Lakers will make a three-way deal with the Rockets and Spurs to achieve a huge boost in immediate success. Percy gives a potential trade package as follows.

Los Angeles Lakers get: Eric Gordon, Jacob Purcell, Doug Dermot, Josh Richardson.

Houston Rockets receive: Austin Reeves, Kendrick Dunn, 2023, 2024 second-round picks from the Spurs.

San Antonio Spurs get: West brook, 2027, 2029 first-round picks from the Lakers

If this deal is reached, what impact will it have on the Lakers, Rockets and Spurs?

According to a report by Kelly Ike of The Athletic, Gordon is discussing his future with the Rockets. Currently, Gordon is not satisfied with his situation with the team, he had a notable season last season, averaging 13.4 points per game, with a much improved efficiency, including a high 3-point shooting rate of 41.2%, but Gordon's contract in the 23-24 season is still in an guaranteed state, which has given Gordon the idea of The idea of leaving. For the Rockets, they need to send Gordon away to give the team's youngsters more room to grow. In this deal, the Rockets got two talented youngsters, Austin Reeves is an offensive guard who averaged 7.3 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game in his rookie season, and his toughness on defense and ability to make the right choice in passing is impressive. . Meanwhile, Dunn is a superb scoring two-way guard who is aggressive on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, and the duo certainly have a better future with the rebuilding Rockets.

As for the Spurs, it would be wise to completely rebuild and get a higher draft pick in next year's big draft year. Willow coming to the Spurs could be bought out, and the Lakers' 2027 and 2029 first-round picks are the chips the Spurs would most like to get. They would be first-round picks of high value, whether they are traded late or drafted, to help the Spurs finish their rebuilding job faster.

For the Lakers, the four join the team directly to the strength of the team up a notch, Gordon is good at playing without the ball, and his defense on the wing is also very strong, is the perfect partner for James, can be said than Yield more suitable for the Lakers system. He has height and arm strength, and his athleticism is not bad, so he can give the Lakers a huge complement inside on defense, and his partnership with the Brow can ensure that the Lakers are foolproof in rebounding and rim protection, and Purcell's coordination is very good when playing on the block, and his offensive touch under the basket is very soft, which is very suitable for playing beside the Brow. The rest time, to a certain extent, to avoid injuries.

Richardson has excellent outside shooting and defensive ability, last season his three-point shooting rate also reached 41.5%, Dermot last season averaged 11.3 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 assists, also has excellent long-range shooting ability. It can be said that the Lakers through this transaction, not only to strengthen the interior, to find the most suitable partner for the thick eyebrows, but also for the Lakers in the outside set up a few offensive and defensive high shooting gun, the Lakers in the outside of the more balanced offense and defense. With so many outside shooters, James and Brow will no longer face the unscrupulous package in the interior, but also have the ability to arm-wrestle with strong teams.

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