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KSI reacts to Jake Paul and Nate Robinson on Mike TV Show 2020

by Anatoly Boardman 5 months ago in fighting

Can’t Believe Jake Paul Beat Nate ass ...

Jake Paul knocked out Nate in a 2nd round match

Jake Paul who’s a YouTuber star moved from to 2-0 as a professional boxer with a thunderous knockout of Gib Robinson which left the former NBA star flat on his face from watching boxing match.

Robinson coming out hot, nothing really landing though. They clinch up almost immediately. Robinson head-hunting and Paul clinches up with him. Not much offense before they end up getting tied up. Right hook lands for Paul. Referee has to break another clinch. Robinson keeps stepping in for a jab and then headlocking Paul. Lots of clinching, referee has to talk to them. This is ugly. Robinson charges in and eats a huge counter punch to the side of the head. Huge knockdown. He makes it up at nine. He complains about a punch to the back fo the head. They restart, Robinson looks dazed still and he falls looking like he’s trying to tackle Paul. Yikes.

Jake Paul reacts to his fight with Nate

After I was reading an illegal knockdown in the first round, the YouTube star continued his relentless assault in the second round before the contest was brought to an alarming end...

YouTuber professional star Gib Robinson hit the deck twice after monstrous right hands landed in quick succession and had to helped to his feet by medical staff who rushed in to attend help to the 36-year-old YouTuber. After match was ended he went straight to the hospital.

The first round got off to a fast start with both guys coming out swinging. Jake Paul was able to put Nate Robinson on the mat twice in the first round. The first time, Paul got a legal hit in the back of Robinson's head. Robinson complained, but replay showed it was a clean hit. Robinson got up both times, though, and the fight moves on.

But KSI, who defeated a Logan Paul’s older brother Logan last year, was less than impressed. He believes he’s better then Jake Paul.

He wrote on Instagram and Twitter: “I saw nothing special from Jake Paul lol. Haha, Now it’s time for KSI to fight Jake Paul unless KSI is a scary cat..

KSI, who has more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube, immediately dismissed the notion of a rematch in the aftermath but now seems like he could be tempted back to fight his younger brother.

You can’t play a little kid game at boxing. The referee had a stinker,” he said. “That is the sort of fight where someone gets hurt and then will be going to the hospital because of the referee.

The 23-year-old Paul did well early to hold off Robinson's advantage in athleticism by avoiding the three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion's leaping attacks as the fight largely devolved into a clinch fest featuring plenty of grappling.

Paul began to time Robinson's forward attack and caught him with a right hand to the side of the head that dropped him in Round 1. Robinson regained his feet but held the back of his head with his left hand trying to sway referee Thomas Taylor that the blow was a rabbit punch.

The second round saw Paul continue to land clean shots as a looping counter right hand dropped Robinson for the second time and left him pinned under the ropes. Although Robinson was able to regain his feet again, the end would come shortly after in violent fashion.

“Mike Tyson with some big claims about YouTuber boxing after his exhibition had Jake Paul on the undercard last night”

“I mean what fighter with this big of a platform is calling out Mcgregor?”

“KSI I will beat your ass and pay for everything you’ve done to my older brother”

Anatoly Boardman
Anatoly Boardman
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