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King James is the ceiling, Du K also has a play

It is rare for James to be in such a state.

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In today's Lakers game against the Clippers, although the Lakers eventually lost, James still cut 20 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 caps and 1 steals, which, James not only sent nail plate cap, powerful dunk also sent excellent assists, and in the opening game against the Warriors, James 25 shots 12 to get 31 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists, to know that James is close to 38-year-old players. This kind of state is really rare.

Usually, a player in the NBA league if the average can get more than 20 points, it is already a quasi-All-Star level. In the era of the league's defensive intensity, the season's scoring champion averaged just over twenty points. And even in today's offensive small-ball era, it's not easy for a player to average 20 points per game. Because of the year-round high-intensity sports, the league's players generally start to enter the end of their careers at the age of 35, can play to 37 years old still not retired players, it can be said that there are only a few.

Then, if a player can still average 20 points in the league game at the age of 37, there are even fewer. And in the history of the league's magnificent seventy years, there are only four players at the age of 37 can still cut the average of 20 + points, who are they?

Fourth: "Sky hook" Jab bar

Jab bar has had an extremely long and solid career, and has maintained a high level of play throughout his two decades in the league. Jab bar has taken his hooking skills to the extreme, and with his excellent physical conditioning, he has been able to score 20+ points in games with relative ease. Because of his effortless scoring style, Jabber has not suffered any major injuries in his career. In his 37th year, Jabber was still able to cut a stellar average of 21+7 per game. And with his extremely solid scoring ability, Jab-bar is still the league record holder for total points scored.

Third place: Michael Jordan

The basketball god averaged over 30 points per game in his career, the highest scoring player in league history. If Jordan in the red robe is the god of basketball who looks out of the world, then the 38-year-old wizard Jordan can be said to have descended from God to become a superstar. With the achievement of the second triple crown, Jordan lost his goal on the basketball court again and chose to retire once again after his success. Then, in an effort to recreate the security that Americans had been destroyed by the terrorist attacks, the 38-year-old Jordan announced his comeback with the Wizards. After a nearly two-year absence from the game, Jordan began to drag his rusty old body around the court to compete with many young talents. Even though he was no longer a god, Jordan still averaged 20+ points with his strong willpower and excellent basketball sense, and his exaggerated performance was really impressive.

Second place: Karl Malone

Karl Malone is a famous sad hero in the history of the league, the strength of the superb and dedicated he was just born in the wrong era, resulting in a tragic end of his life without a title. At the age of 37, Malone is still averaging 23+8 on the court. In the end, in the league for 19 years, hardly miss any game Malone hard in the total career scoring beyond the scoring ability of Michael Jordan, can be said to be a model of another way to beat the opponent.

No. 1: Lebanon James

Throughout James' career, he is basically a fully upgraded version of Karl Malone. James has maintained Malone's extremely long-lasting career while achieving an all-around transcendence of this predecessor in terms of career height. Last season, the 37-year-old James averaged more than 30 points per game, becoming the first person in NBA history to reach this achievement.

In addition to the above four players, the league's current stars among the Curry and Durant is also expected to reach this achievement. Curry in the new season is about to turn 35 years old, last season he can still average nearly 27 points, and led the team to win the championship, the state can be very hot. With Curry's outside shooting and ball-less running style of play, and then maintain the peak state of two years is not a big problem. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.


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