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Kevin Durant Life story

by Shrestha lakshya 5 months ago in basketball
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Kevin Durant Life story

Kevin Wayne Durant began his career playing AMF basketball for several teams in the Maryland area. He played AAU basketball for several teams in the Maryland area and was a teammate of future NBA players Michael Beasley, Gravis Vasquez, and Ty Lawson, of whom Durant is still the first. At the time, he played at the National Christian Academy and Montrose Christian School in Maryland as well as the Oak Hill College Basketball Center in Virginia.

After completing his final year, he was drafted into Parade magazine's first team and USA Today's All-Americans First Team, drawing the attention of top student basketball employers around the country. He was also on the All-American First Team and the first freshman to receive the National College Player of the Year award. After being admitted to first-class high schools, he played basketball at the University of Texas for a year before joining the NBA for the Seattle SuperSonics (now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder). Kevin Durant was a high school basketball star, and after spending just one season at the University of Texas College, he was selected second overall in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Seattle SuperSonics.

A few years later, Durant was selected to compete in the 2012 Olympics, where he not only set a scoring record in Olympic basketball but also helped his team win a gold medal. In addition, he helped the United States win a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. He U.S. Played basketball for the national team, where he won the gold medal and was named the MVP of the World Championships. 2010 FIBA. Along with Carmelo Anthony, he was named the 2016 USA Basketball Player of the Year.

He led the league in scoring for the third year in a row, scored his first NBA Finals in his career, and even starred in the major Thunderbolts. Basically, he let his game speak for itself and in short, embodied what the fans wanted from his superstar.

Ultimately, however, he was overwhelmed by the labels of runners-up and first-place losers. These labels have become a curse to his existence as an elite basketball player.

In his youth, Durant was a basketball prodigy. He became one of the most promising players on the thriving Washington basketball court in his early high school and became the best player in the United States by his senior season. Durant and his siblings grew up in Prince George's County, Maryland, in the eastern suburbs of Washington, DC. He has been unusually tall since childhood and was 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m) tall when he was in high school (13–14 years).

After two years of high school basketball at the National Christian Academy and a year at Oak Hill College, Duran transferred to Montrose Christian School in his final year, growing 5 inches (13 cm) before the season and turning 6 years old. A new year began in Feet. 7 inches (2.01 m). After a year with the Longhorns, Durant was announced for the NBA draft. After just one year of college basketball in the Oklahoma City All-Star Game, Durant announced that he qualified for the 2007 NBA Draft. Durant, who averaged 28.1 points per game for the remainder of the 2012–13 season, could not defend his scoring title; However, he shot 51 percent off the field, 41.6 percent in three and 90.5 free throws, becoming the youngest player in NBA history to join the club at 50-40-90.

Since the 2009–10 season, Dynamic Duran has led the NBA in points total for five straight seasons and an average of four times (he finished second in the 2012–13 season). In 2016-17, playing for the most talented team of his career, Duran continued to grow with the Warriors, averaging 25.1 points per game and helping Golden State win the most league wins (67). By the end of the year, Durant had increased his average by five points from the previous season.

In the NBA Finals, Durant led the game with 30.6 points per game and 54.8 field goal attempts per game. In his first year with the Longhorns, Durant started each game averaging 25.8 points and 11 rebounds.

In high school, Durant played for the National Christian Academy and Montrose High School, and then transferred to the famous Oak Hill Academy Basketball School. He spent his first two years at the National Christian Academy in Fort Washington, Maryland. At the age of 13, his father re-entered his life and traveled with him to basketball tournaments across the country.

Durant grew up in Washington, DC. My father left the family when he was very young. Hence, his mother raised him as a single parent from his childhood. And because he is tall, Kevin is different from anyone else his age.

Despite the difficulties, his family always gets a lot of love and support. Although he is often teased about his height, his grandmother Barbara Davis encourages him, saying that his height is indeed a blessing and will help him in his playing career. His father Kevin returned when he was about 13 years old, and together they traveled the country to attend basketball games. As one of four children of Wanda and Wayne Pratt, Duran enjoys sports with his sister Brianna and two brothers Anthony (also a basketball player) and Ravon.

As a result, his mother was raised by his grandmother, Barbara Davis. When Durant was a child, his father ran away; Wanda and Wayne eventually divorced, and Durant's grandmother, Barbara Davis, helped raise them. Durant's father abandoned the family when he was a child, leaving his mother and grandmother, Barbara Davis, to raise him. His father, Wayne Platt, left the family soon after birth, leaving his wife and four children in the care of his elderly grandmother, Barbara Davis.

Durant was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, DC to Wanda (née Durant) and Wayne Platt. Sons Kevin and Tony Durant certainly worked hard to be successful in life, not with Father Wayne, who grew up with them at home every day, but with their omnipresent steady mother, Wanda worked together, though The father helped financially and started getting to know the children regularly, his game and his house.

From McDonald's in the United States to 2nd NBA All-Star MVP; In addition to his mother Wanda Durant, who is a de facto MVP, he also spends time outside the court trying to improve his time on the court. You will learn about his childhood, high school and college career, and of course his time in the NBA. The truly inspiring story of NBA great mother Kevin Durant Wanda, and her dedication to growing into one of the world's greatest basketball players. Kevin Durant, full name Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988, in Washington, DC, USA) is an American professional basketball player who won the 2013–14 US. The National Basketball Association (NBA) MVP has established himself as one of his best. player and he is only twenty years old.


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