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Join the 76ers, officially signed! Harden's recruitment was a big success, the Lakers old guard can show his hand

Join the 76ers, officially signed!

By SalolahertyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

So far in the offseason, there are still a lot of free agents who have not been able to find the right home for themselves, veterans like Griffin, Anthony, Howard, and of course Miles Bridges, who is unpopular due to off-court incidents, and players like Schroder, who has more obvious shortcomings. Khalil was also in an unloved state, but now, he has managed to join a brand new team. Beijing time on September 7, according to ESPN reports, Montrezl Harrell signed a two-year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, which includes a player option, Harrell signed a contract with the 76ers for the amount of two years and $5.2 million. And according to ESPN's follow-up report, it was James Harden who recruited Harrell to make Harrell finally decide to join the Philadelphia 76ers.

TNT reporter AdamLefkoe tweeted, "After getting PJ Tucker & Harrell, the 76ers may have the strongest rotation in the league for the new season." Khalil expressed confidence in this as well, responding on social media, "Indeed." The new season will see Holiday back in the No. 5 jersey, having previously worn the No. 5 jersey with two teams, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Houston Rockets. Last season, Haller played for two teams, the Washington Wizards, and the Charlotte Hornets, where he played 46 games for the Wizards, averaging 14.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game, and 25 games for the Hornets, averaging 11.4 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game.

Most fans' initial impressions of Holiday may have to start with the Lakers, who won the title in the 19-20 season, but management had bigger ambitions, breaking up the championship roster and sending away some key role players like Danny Green, Bradley, and Howard, ushering in Schroder and Holiday to join the team. Schroder and Harrell both had a common attribute at the time, they were both the best sixth-man candidates the previous season, and Harrell was eventually awarded the title. 19-20 Clippers season, Harrell as a bench player, averaged 27.8 minutes, can get 18.6 points 7.1 rebounds 1.7 assists, data can be very luxurious, which also gave the Lakers fans a lot of expectations.

However, after coming to the Lakers, Harrell's efficiency is down, and it is difficult for him to find the same output environment as the Clippers. Speaking of Harrell the player, he does have some shortcomings. Although Harrell's finishing ability on the offensive end is excellent, often see him can be under the basket, using a variety of positions to put the ball in, he has entered the league so far, almost every season shooting percentage of 60% or more, offensive efficiency is not any problem at all. However, Hallel's absence is as an inside player, his height is too short, only 2m01 (2m24 arm to make up for this also has some compensation), the ability to scramble for rebounds is poor, and the defensive end of the ability to protect the frame is also lacking, single defense opposite like Embiid, Jokic such core inside players will be very difficult, which is also since then Hallel is no longer reused by the league, from the best sixth man The important reason for the rapid fall to no team.

Under Harden's recruitment, Harrell successfully joined the Philadelphia 76ers, which is a good reinforcement for the 76ers. Although the 76ers have Embiid + Harden last season as such a powerful combination, with their roster depth and other top teams, there is a gap, especially the replacement center this piece, has not been a suitable candidate, which has become the last hindrance to their breakthrough in the playoffs a major reason. The arrival of Hallel will undoubtedly reduce the offensive pressure for Embiid and share 15-20 minutes for him, while also reducing his risk of injury. In addition, Haller's previous "prickly" attributes, often contradictory with teammates, turning into a "locker room bomb", also makes many teams very worried. But in the 76ers, they can not care about these problems, after all, Harden and Hallel used to be teammates as a rocket period, Hallel has been Harden as the big brother, and Harden is a very good character of people.

After Hallel successfully signed, there is one less player in the free market, and many fans started to care about Hallel's former teammate on the Lakers, Schroeder, and where his next home will be. In addition, until now, there are still many teams did not stop the pace of roster reinforcement, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of them, they are still worried about how to get rid of Westbrook, do you think, Willow's deal will be born before the end of the offseason?


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