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Irving plotted to join forces with old James, T Warren became the boss of the Bucks

Brooklyn is like the Donnie Dario of the NBA with multiple stories coming out of it.

By Wall BerryPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Just today, Brooklyn came multiple fierce news, as if the NBA's Donnie Dario. The first thing from Fox reporter Butcher's expos, Durant in the last year to convince his third brother Harden to join the Nets, to assist themselves together to win the title, the two joined forces only a year and a half later, Durant is tired of Harden's inconsistent commitment, Irving part-time job let Harden deeply in the Nets no championship to figure, so the idea of leaving, and Durant quickly let the general manager Sean Marks to meet the desire of Harden to leave the team. It is worth mentioning that Durant had asked the owner of Choi to resign Marks and Nash this summer, really one person demolished the whole team of the Bucks. News shows that Durant decided to stay with the team, just to stay next season, next summer he will still put forward a trade request.

Compared to Durant real, Irving is a clear repair, Butcher said that Irving and James have been trying to join forces again, Irving has been training in Los Angeles throughout the summer, has been waiting for the news that he was traded to the Lakers, had thought that the Bucks skill high, Choi bosses do not intend to adult, just after the Lakers sent away Tucker for Beverly, James and Irving are also waiting for the opportunity to join forces, and this The opportunity is that the Bucks are falling apart internally, and then the team had to sell Irving on the cheap. Once the news came out, fans had to sweat for the Bucks, two superstars each with their own hearts, the new season how the Bucks win the title.

For Simmons, just arrived at the Bucks, apparently also saw the Bucks locker room all kinds of problems, the first round of the playoffs feigned back injury, refused to be a backstabber, and in the off season, looking at Durant and Irving double haunted to leave the team, they will soon be able to become the team leader, did not think Durant killed a shot back, so Simmons disheartened. In addition, the U.S. media believes that Simmons is a stumbling block for Durant's deal, with him in the Bucks, the Bucks have no way to get players like Mitchell and Ingram, so once the Bucks do not hit the start of the new season, locker room problems, Simmons may be the first to be sent away.

The team interested in Simmons is in the minority, of which the Warriors want to take Green and Wise man to trade, while the Grizzlies gave chips are Ty's Jones, Dillon Brooks, Brandon Clark, and just today, the U.S. media "NBA Analysis Network" reported that the Wizards are also the potential next home of Simmons, their chips are also good, in order to get Simmons, they are willing to send the three forwards Guzman, Will Barton And Monty Morris. It's easy to see that the trade with the Warriors is focused on the future, and the trade with the Wizards and Grizzlies is a win in the present.

The newest addition to the Bucks, T Warren, updated his personal social account today, saying, "Iron men, I can't wait for the new season to start, I'm going to break those bonds at Barclays Center. T Warren is not the lucky one in the league either. 4.2 boards, 1.5 assists and 1.2 steals, shooting 40.3% from three and putting up All-Star level numbers in four games in the playoffs. Originally he was able to usher in the 20-21 season breakout, did not expect to play only 4 games suffered a serious injury, out of action for 2 seasons, would have been able to get a big contract, he finally took only the base salary to join the Bucks, apparently he wants to play in the Bucks to re-establish their value, and once Durant, Irving messed up, T Warren is the team's most powerful player offensively.

I have to say, now the Bucks are really in an awkward position, if Durant, Irving, Simmons can seriously play, their strength is also in the first echelon of the championship, if everyone's heart is in the right place, the strength is not in one place, then the Bucks may be in the next season before the trade deadline completely collapse.


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