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How to Watch NCAA March Madness Live

by Roman about a month ago in basketball
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NCAA March Madness

They say college days are the best days of one’s life. If someone asks me what are the best memories or things that I miss about college, I’d say bunking the morning lectures, canteen’s popular grilled chicken sandwiches and not the least cheering my favourite team for the inter-college football matches. Relatable, isn’t it?

Given the pandemic, watching live matches is next to impossible. Activate ncaa.com/activate in a jiffy to watch your favourite NCAA March Madness Live sitting at home.

If you think activating NCAA March Madness Live is a headache. We’ve got everything ready for you. To activate ncaa.com/activate on your favourite streaming devices follow these quick steps below:

Activate March Madness Live using on Roku

Mad about the upcoming March Madness 2022 and haven’t yet filled out a bracket? No worries! You can easily enjoy the 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, live games, check scores, watch recaps and highlights.

To enjoy streaming your favourite sport only on Roku this March. Hurry to quickly activate before the tournament begins!

First things first- Download the application on your Roku device and then activate it from the www.ncaa.com/activate page.

To install and activate the NCAA app on your Roku device, switch on your Roku device and ensure that it is properly connected to your smart TV. Additionally, check if your Roku device and TV are connected to the same internet network whether at your home or office.

Post switching on your Roku device and connecting it to your TV and internet, you will now have to sign in to your Roku account if you haven’t already. Now after logging into your Roku account, press the Home icon button on your Roku remote. You’ll be directed to the main screen or home screen page of your Roku device.

Once you’re on your Roku device’s Home screen page, you have to scroll down to find the Streaming Channels option. Now, select the Roku Channel Store. This section of your Roku device will provide you with a list of channels on your screen. From the given list search for the NCAA March Madness channel. You can either browse through the channels list or simply find the channel using the Search Channels option.

Now select the NCAA Channel application to access the preview page. From the preview page, select Add channel and enter the PIN on being prompted, to complete the installation process.

The NCAA channel will be added to your Roku account after its successful installation on your Roku device. Now, return to the Home screen of your Roku device and locate the NCAA channel. It will probably be located at the bottom of the channel list. You can also change its position using the navigation keys on your remote.

Now, open the NCAA channel and sign in to your NCAA account (if prompted). On signing in to your NCAA account, you will receive an activation code. Select the Settings option (if prompted again), and find the activation code. You have to copy the activation code once received.

Next step is to launch a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. Now enter the NCAA activation page URL for Roku in its address bar– ncaa.com/activate/roku.

On the activation page, you’ll be prompted to enter your activation code. You will now enter the activation code that was copied earlier and confirm it by pressing the Continue in the prompted field.

Next, follow the on-screen prompts (if any) and complete the activation process of the NCAA channel for your Roku device.

Note: If you’re somehow unable to activate the NCAA March Madness channel on your Roku device, contact the NCAA customer support. Should the problem persist, and it seems to be occurring with your Roku device, contact Roku customer support.

March Madness Live using on Apple TV

In addition to Roku, the NCAA March Madness Live streaming app will be available through a couple of other popular streaming platforms- one is the Apple TV. So, Football Fans if you’re an iOS user, you’ll have all the fun watching your favourite sport via Apple TV. Wondering how? A quick sneak peek into the steps below to active March Madness Live on Apple TV:

Get started with signing up for March Madness Live. Once done, move to the Home screen page of your Apple TV.

Launch the Apple TV app store and search for NCAA March Madness Live on your Apple TV.

Now select download to successfully install the application.

Post installation, you’ll receive an activation code

Now, navigate to ncaa.com/activate/appletv from another device- either your laptop, pc, or mobile device.

You will receive a prompt to choose your device type.

After this, you will now enter the activation code that you received and log in using your TV service provider credentials.

Ensure to enter the correct credentials.

March Madness on Amazon Fire TV

It’s the bracket time of the year again!

March isn’t far and Folks you wouldn’t wish to miss your favourite NCAA March Madness Live. Would you?

So, get ready to enjoy the NCAA March madness games, commentaries, highlights and recaps all in your favourite streaming platform- Amazon Fire TV. Quickly follow these steps to activate NCAA March Madness via Fire TV:

To get started, first install and launch the NCAA application. Locate the NCAA app from the Amazon App Store on your Fire TV.

Post launching, you’ll receive an activated code on the screen. Ensure to note it down or copy it to be used later to www.ncaa.com/activate/firetv on your laptop, pc, or mobile device.

Now choose your preferred device from the list of options given and enter the activation code you received in the given box.

Now, you’re almost done. Only log in to your TV account using your TV’s username and password and you’re all set to start watching NCAA March Madness Live right away.

March Madness Live using on XBox One

Xbox One users get ready to stream your favourite NCAA March Madness Live on your box One streaming platform and don’t miss out on the upcoming 2022 March Madness Live.

Follow these quick easy steps to activate your Xbox One streaming device and enjoy cheering your favourite football team from the comfort of your home:

To begin, install the NCAA app and then launch it. Alternatively, you can also find the NCAA App from the App Store.

On completion, you will now receive an activation code displayed right on your screen.

Now, navigate to www.ncaa.com/activate/xbox on your smartphone or laptop, or personal computer and choose your preferred device where you want to stream it.

Once you have selected your device. You will now enter the activation code shown on your Xbox One screen.

And you’re all set now. Now simply log in with your TV service credentials. Ensure to carefully enter the correct details.

March Madness Live on Android TV

The college signature tournament NCAA March Madness is just a month to go. This spring Football fans if you’re an Android TV user, your happiness knows no bounds because March Madness is all set if you’re an Android TV owner and of course a diehard sports lover.

To enjoy NCAA March Madness Live 2022 on Android TV, Note the steps below:

To get started, first install and launch the NCAA application. You can easily find it from the Google Play Store on your Android TV.

Now sign up for NCAA March Madness Live and go to the Home Screen page on your Android TV.

Now open the app store and search for “NCAA March Madness Live” on your Android TV.

Select “Download” to install the NCAA app.

Post Installation, log in using your TV service credentials and you can now easily stream NCAA March Madness Live on Android TV.

March Madness on your smartphone device

Is your pc or laptop slow, or you’re too busy to update your system. In either case, you need not worry as you can always enjoy your favourite NCAA March Madness Live on your Smartphones. Let’s quickly check out the activation steps:

You can download the NCAA app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection before launching the app.

Now click on the “GET TO WORK” button as you see it on the next page and log in to your account with your TV service credentials Enter the credentials carefully and you’re all set to watch.

Often you may be asked to enter a code to move further. In that case, simply go to the ncaa.com/activate website and look for the code. You can also follow the on-screen instructions (if any).

To Live stream March Madness for FREE, simply go to http://www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/

Check all the shows available, particularly those online. Now simply click on the ‘WATCH NOW’ tab and enjoy watching March Madness Live.

Down the March Madness memory lane and Our Final Words

Dear Fans,

You must be aware that the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament aka ‘’March Madness’’ is one of the most exciting fun events amidst any other sports that popularised following its entry into the NCW tournament in March 1982.

Gathering extreme popularity, it resulted in doubling competitors in 1951,1985 and finally emerged as a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams competing in 7 rounds for the national championship since 2011.

This Spring, NCAA March Madness is ready to set foot in 2022 with the Selection Sunday dated to commence on March 13, 2022.

If you miss your college football tournaments and wish to relive those memories follow the guide above and activate the NCAA March Madness tournament in your choice of streaming device and enjoy cheering your favourite teams.


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