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Hossain Kamyab Advises on the Importance of Sportsmanship

by Hossain Kamyab 14 days ago in culture
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Hossain Kamuab, based in Vienna, VA, is an avid sports fan and values the importance of sportsmanship.


Sportsmanship is a commitment to playing fair and impartially, maintaining composure in the face of adversity, and doing what’s best for the team. It’s an affirmation that an athlete can be a good sport and have the necessary discipline to make the right decisions. Making the required behavioral choices at the game’s crucial moments can help players develop their character.

Even though we would like to win every time, we can’t win every game. This is why athletes need to learn how to deal with defeat. Looking at their opponents and telling them they did a good job or played well can be hard. The key is how they handle losing with dignity.

Showing Your Support

If you’re feeling defeated, you must not take your teammates’ disappointment out on them. Being a team player is very important during team sports, as everyone wants to win. Having a supportive environment can help players get back to playing their best. Cheering and high-fives can help players reach their heads back into the game.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Positive attitudes are fundamental during team sports, as they can help the team get through the competition. A negative attitude can lead to a lack of fun and make players seem immature. Being able to maintain a positive mindset can help players develop their character.

Learning to Respect Others

Being respectful is very important during a game, as it can help the team get through the competition. If you’re unable to win, you must not be passive-aggressive or comment negatively about your teammates or opponents. Even if you suspect that someone is cheating, you should still show respect to them.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as arguing with umpires or whining about calls, can also be shown during a game. Some people have a higher tolerance for trash talk, though this is generally considered a fun way to add a bit of excitement to the game.

Always Learning

If you lose, learn from your mistakes instead of just taking it out on the opposition. For example, if you make a few errors during a tennis match, try to return the balls that made you struggle the most. If you hit many backhands into the net, try to improve this technique.

Mastering Self-Control

Although games can get emotional, players should control their emotions. Doing so can help them focus on the task and avoid getting distracted. One of the worst ways to be a bad sport is by damaging the playing surfaces or equipment.


Hossain Kamyab is an experienced residential real estate investor currently based out of Vienna, Virginia. Outside of his professional pursuits, however, Hossain is an avid sports fan. With much of his early career spent in the United Kingdom, he has developed a keen interest in keeping up with association football.

While there is a multitude of great football teams out there, Hossain’s favorite is Manchester United Football Club. Known by fans as the Red Devils, Manchester United competes in the U.K.’s highest-level division. They have an impressive track record, including multiple league titles, Football Association Challenge Cups, and even the 2008 FIFA World Cup.

When he isn’t busy cheering for the Red Devils, though, Hossain Kamyab can be found investing his time, energy, and creativity into his latest real estate holdings. Since 1999, he has been purchasing and developing properties across the globe, building experience working in at least 12 different countries. While his early work was done solo, recently, Hossain has partnered with other professionals to ensure they provide the best work possible for the properties they choose to work with.


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Hossain Kamyab

Hossain Kamyab has spent 20 years as an international real estate investor. He isn't just in it for the investment though; he loves the process and puts his interior design skills to work on the fine details of almost every project.

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