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Greene fight video was exposed

Green trade to Suns proposed

By Fei Ye LanPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The Warriors wanted to do cold turkey after the fight between Green and Poole, but the fight video was exposed, and the Warriors had to hold a press conference again, and the team's head coach, Cole, was interviewed about the conflict video being leaked.

The video of the clash should not have been leaked, as Kerr said he had encountered more than 20 clashes before and after his 32-year basketball career. Kerr pointed out that this kind of conflict could have been resolved very smoothly and cleanly internally, and once it spreads it will affect the players. The situation now has proved how important it is to resolve things internally, and all Warriors players will be asked about this conflict when they face the media.

Kerr stressed that for any reason, someone in the Warriors leaked, this is not the first time the Warriors have leaked information, and the team now needs to launch an investigation to quickly clean up the mole.

The team needs to launch an investigation and clean up quickly. In an interview with the media, Van Latham Jr, a media member who worked for TM, ventured a guess based on his experience in the business that the most expensive price for the video would be around $150,000 for the deal.

TM for their business interests, pay money to buy news breaking news is indeed no excuse, the essence of this incident is also TM a normal business behavior. But this time the commercial behavior, but let the warriors in the storm, if the video is not been exposed, then the warriors can completely cold treatment, waiting for each other are sober, with the passage of time, the fans will soon I forget, then the matter will gradually be forgotten.

As Jefferson and JR Smith said in an interview, in the Knight won the championship of the season, the team also broke out a serious clash of events, but not exposed by the media, there is no great impact.

TM this time to the Golden State Warriors and all the relevant personnel brought a negative impact, it is difficult to estimate, the direct economic loss, may reach an astronomical figure, and the team will certainly usher in turmoil, if not properly handled, then you can directly declare the Warriors no championship.

Green also knows that this punch has brought a great impact, so Green unilaterally decided to apologize to the team and Peru and leave the team for the time being!

Green said: I will leave the team for a few days to adjust myself, while allowing the team to slowly recover. My actions were wrong and I have apologized to the team and Peru! I did not lead the team well.

Green is also intentionally chilling out on the matter, but he has already committed public anger, and from the punch that hit Poole, it seems to be premeditated. The Golden State Warriors want to calm the public anger and must escalate the punishment for Dream Chaser Green, and must give its ban.

Referring to the Bulls' team fight between Portia and Miro tic in 2017, when Portia was suspended for eight games. Then Green would also have to be suspended for about 8 games and based on his new season's $25.8 million annual salary, a suspension would cost Green roughly $178,000, which translates to more than $1.2 million.

Even if this is handled, it won't necessarily bring back the team's cohesiveness, and the best way to better chase the championship is to trade Green away.

Today, a proposal for Green to be traded to the Suns was brought up, with the following specific possible trade scenarios

Such a deal may be the best option for both teams at the moment. The Warriors' current head coach, Kerr, used to be the Suns' general manager, and he maintains a good relationship with many people in the Suns' management, so it is entirely possible for him to pull the strings to complete this deal.

The Warriors can take advantage of this deal to get rid of Green, so that the tension within the team is lifted, while also getting ready to play so that the team continues to be competitive.

Crowded is a very high-quality 3-player who has helped his team reach the finals two years in a row. The first time when he was with the Heat, in the reduced season of 19-20, due to the Lakers at the time, the thick brow, did not suffer too many injuries, which also allowed the thick brow to lead the team and beat the Heat. But Chowder's performance was extremely bright and got the Suns' attention, and then spent three years and $29.16 million to take him under the tent.

In the 20-21 season, Crowded helped this "fish-bowl team" re-emerge, creating the achievement that Nash did not achieve, they reached the finals, but unfortunately, due to the letter brother's "pad" Irving incident, let Durant and Harden failed, the Bucks Directly out of the game, otherwise the finals Suns play the Bucks, is a great probability to win.

Next season is Chowder's contract year, but the Suns have not renewed his contract, which also makes Crowded dissatisfied, now 32 years old, Crowded, has submitted a trade request to the Suns, and clearly said: the new season will not play for the Sun, it can be said that his trade is already inevitable.

He came to the Warriors, and it is useful, he can completely achieve the effect of Green, they play the same position, defensive ability is not the same, but his scoring ability is far stronger than Green, especially the three-point shooting, absolutely stronger than Green. His arrival will allow the Warriors to transform, the offensive ability will be at a higher level.

Sari is a 2'08" wing swing-man who can play the 3 and the 4. He is a two-way forward with ball-handling and organizational skills, perimeter shooting ability, a high sense of coordination, and a strong body, which is a good addition to the Warriors' weak interior, at least not as weak as Helical last season.

Payne can also play a supporting role for the Warriors. Payne can be effective in certain situations, and he had explosive highlights last season. The Warriors could undoubtedly gain a lot from this trade. On the other hand, getting rid of Green will also allow them to better address the contracts of Wiggins and Poole after next season.

For the Sun, this trade is also imperative. It's been a bad off-season for the Sun. Last season's playoffs in an almost humiliating way lost the battle for the seventh, it seems that this solid hammered the rumors of discord within the team; off-season and Crowded, an important rotation to apply for trade, and the boss because of the remarks caused a problem, Aston in the press conference, but also straight talk and the head coach has not communicated for a long time, these are the need for immediate change.

The Suns lack a player more than enough to give the team inspiration, and Green is precisely a good choice, now the ability compared to the peak, there may be a decline, but his experience and honor, are enough to let the Suns players give him due respect.

At the same time, Green's organization and planning ability are still there and can be a better tandem team. And for Green himself, after this fight incident, he will certainly learn a lesson from it, after coming to the Suns, temperament will also be restrained, and all will develop to the good side.

Overall, the deal has strong interoperability, whether it can be reached, let's wait and see.


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