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Figuring Out the Next Piece for LeBron’s Superteam

Now that LeBron and the Cavs are going back to the drawing board, it’s time to pick who will be the next star to join the King

By Dan O'SheaPublished 7 years ago 6 min read
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No matter who started the superteam, whether you like superteams, or you’re just tired of hearing the word superteam, it’s safe to say no team in the league can hold a candle to the Warriors’ roster. They’ve put on one of the most dominant performances in postseason history, and completely dismantled the team that ran through the Eastern Conference.

Even though he already has three rings, LeBron isn’t done chasing titles. There’s no way he’s just going to sit back and go through the regular season year after year for the annual beating at the hands of Golden State. The Cavs won last year, so the Warriors reloaded in a huge way. Now it’s LeBron’s turn.

Now that it’s known the unit of LeBron/Kyrie/Love and role players isn’t enough to take down the best team assembled since the Avengers, it’s time for the King to put on his GM/recruiting shoes and to get the next player to help him win a fourth ring.

Paul George

We all know George isn’t staying in Indy, but could he hunt for rings with LeBron?

George is one of the most interesting options for the Cavs, considering he’s still very much in his prime. He’s a two-way player who can do everything the Cavs need to take down Golden State. You might want a better three point shooter in theory if you’re trying to match the Warriors, but the man did shoot 39% from deep this season, a step up from Love’s 37%. He’s also a much better go-to option than Love, with the ability to create for himself off the catch or by bringing the ball up.

Defensively, he’d be seen as an upgrade too. While Love has absolutely grown as a defender, George would be better suited for covering a team like Golden State. Having him cover someone like Durant or Green would make much more sense, and he’d be far from a liability if he had to switch off a screen.

The biggest issue isn’t whether or not George would be a good fit. It’s if he would want to stay in Cleveland. He’s a free agent after next season, and the Cavs definitely wouldn’t want to trade for the man if he’s strictly a one-year rental. There are a number of things going in either direction when it comes to whether George should stay in Cleveland, so much so that you can break out the ol’ yellow pad and make a pros and cons list.

The pro is clearly that he’d have the best chance of his career to win a championship in Cleveland. If he committed to the future of the Cavs, he’d essentially be doing the same exact thing Durant did this year by going to the team that just eliminated him. He just got a front seat view of how great this Cleveland team is during his four straight losses at the hands of LeBron. Maybe he’d love to have a guaranteed trip to the finals every year with a strong possibility of grabbing a ring.

Or, maybe he just loves LA that much. He’s pretty much already started picking out a house in Hollywood and got Dodgers season tickets. George is a Cali boy, born and raised — that’s where his heart is. There’s also the chance he’d rather be the top dog instead of the third banana and LeBron’s henchman. If the Cavs can’t guarantee he’d sign an extension, there’s no way they pull the trigger and take a huge step backwards in 2018.

Dwyane Wade

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Let’s get the band back together! Wade is the only man on this list who would go to Cleveland as a free agent, so the Cavs would strictly be reloading with a future Hall of Famer. Is he that same man who has the Hall of Fame resumé? No. This isn’t the Flash anymore, he’s barely even considered a Jog at this point. Still, there’s no way you can say the man wouldn’t be an upgrade in Cleveland.

He has a player option for his second year in Chicago, and you have to think he’ll opt out. Wade wasn’t exactly a great fit in the crowded Bulls backcourt, and it led to an eight seed in the East. The man isn’t young these days. Sure, he’s playing for his hometown, but you really think Wade wants to finish out his career struggling to earn the right to lose in the first round?

No way. He’s going to go back with his best bud so they can hang out together like the golden days and act like they’re making a new buddy cop movie. It would be a perfect fit. He’s not the defensive player he once was and can’t carry a team by any means, but he won’t have to. Wade will be placed into a smaller role and use less energy, while everyone is focusing on the other scoring options for the Cavs.

He’d even be able to fill in as a perfect second unit scorer. If you want to throw Kyrie and LeBron on the bench, the team wouldn’t take a huge step back. He can take over the backup point guard role and would possibly be the world’s biggest upgrade over Deron Williams, who made zero impact in the NBA Finals.

The biggest issue would be his contract. Wade would be passing up on $23 million to play for pennies and peanuts with his buddy Bron Bron? The man has made enough money in his career for money to clearly not be an issue, but he also already has three rings and doesn’t exactly need to chase anymore. It’s just a matter of what’s more important to him at this point in his career — 20+ million dollars, or a fourth ring.

Carmelo Anthony

Maybe LeBron begging and pulling the strings in Cleveland could finally end the hostage situation in New York.

It’s hard to gauge whether this is the best fit or the worst of the three scenarios. Defensively, you’d have to guess it would be a nightmare. The Cavs would run through the East like they already do, but watching Melo run around screens or switching on Green/Durant once they met Golden State in the Finals would be top level comedy. You can’t hide anyone on defense when you play the Warriors, and Melo doesn’t exactly try all the time when it comes to the defensive end.

Offensively, he’d be the best fit. Adding a phenomenal scorer like Melo would be the best way to combat the offense of Golden State. He checks off every single box. Go-to scorer when you need him? Check. Can he pull up for three in transition? He’d love nothing better. Want a clutch scorer when Kyrie and LeBron are blanketed? There are few players in the NBA you’d rather have. Just because he’s been stuck in basketball hell for years doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the best scorers in the NBA.

The problem would be acquiring him. Cleveland would do it no problem, and Carmelo would waive that no-trade clause faster than humanly possible. The issue would be getting the Knicks to agree. Neither Thompson or Shumpert is a building block, and Cleveland is scarce on picks. Unless the Knicks are going full-tank mode and aiming for a top pick in the draft while finally getting Melo out of the Garden, that’s a tough sell.


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