Falling back in love with martial arts again

The goats, twin magic

Falling back in love with martial arts again
Goat of Coaching

This first video in many ways hurts to talk about because it is such a great loss to the martial arts community. For those that are reading boxing is a martial art. It just doesn’t have belts. Also this video tributes Rodger mayweather who was the coach of Floyd mayweather. Rodger tragically passed. But here’s why this brought me joy it reminded me how special our time together with family is on earth. And in this case it’s my marital arts that I love so much. I can remember being in the gym for 5 and 6 hours sparring with my teammate preparing them for worlds or nationals. The arts are more then just punching and kicking. Once you establish a person that motivates you to train you will forever be linked spiritually. The loss is sad but it reminds us all how impactful our mentors are and the fact that one person can change your entire life like Rodger did for Floyd. How I was able to change my students life or my teammates are able to change mine. The greatest gift I could ever get before I leave earth is know I had a part in changing someone life for the better. Embrace your inner Rodger invest in someone and be a source of change.

The twin magic

This page brings me so much joy. One day I was bored on Instagram and was looking at boxing videos. And I stumbled upon this page of these two twin boys. These boys are boxers and really exceptional boxers at that. I just think it’s so beautiful when twins are competing in the same sport cause it’s like you always have a teammate. There pad work is exceptional. It really takes me back to the days when I first started training. It makes me smile and reminds me the real reason why I started martial arts. For love, for passion and for mental, spiritual and emotional growth. I always go back to this page when I’m down and it lifts me up and reminds me to just enjoy the journey.

The best in mma

Valentina shevchenko aka the bullet is one of the main reasons I fell back in love with martial arts. Watching her fights and learning about her story it really opened my eyes. I use to think that a fighter could only be one thing. A fighter and they had to only think about it 24/7. However, after watching valentina I realized fighter is what you do but it will never define who you are. She’s inspired me to get back into training again and also working on perusing a pro kick boxing career. I also started training my partners in the arts as well to help with there fitness. The bullet is more then just a weapon the bullet is a source for inspiration and change in my life as a fighter.

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