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Everything You Need To Know About Golf

by Nicki Jackson about a year ago in culture
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A guide for golfers

As a beginner, it is very tough to learn to play golf, know about the best golf courses and terms associated with an amazing sport - Golf. Here you will everything from best golf lessons to the most common golf terms in this blog.

The modern 18 hole version of golf started in Scotland in the year 1400. In 1457, the parliament banned golf as it is distracting army people from training. The term Golf is the ancient word for Club.

Golf Terms

Here is a list of terms that are associated with Golf and you should be aware of these terms.

Golf Tee - This is the wooden peg that you place your golf ball on at the start of the hole.

Fairway – The grassy area between the tee box and the green. This is the playing area.

The green – This is the area where flagstick and holes are located.

The rough – This refers to the areas outside the fairway containing long and thicker grass.

Bunker – The areas which are filled with sand surrounded by grass.

Hazard – These are the obstacles that come in between the hole and you. These consist of bunkers, ponds, and lakes.

Stroke – The swing made by the golfers to hit the ball. With a stroke, you advance the ball around the golf course and a miss can still count as a stroke.

Scoring: Score by a player.

Ace – Hitting a hole in one stroke.

Eagle – 2 strokes under par

Birdie – 1 stroke fewer than par

Par – The predefined number of strokes that a golfer should require to hole the golf ball.

Bogey – If a player needs 1 stroke above par to finish a hole.

Double Bogey – 2 strokes above par

Triple Bogey – 3 strokes above par

These are some of the terms associated with golf. If you will join golf lessons your golf instructor will help you to understand each term practically.

Golf Clubs

A golf club is a club that is used to hit a golf ball. A golf club can improve your game and if you are new to golf then don’t invest much in an expensive golf club set because most golf clubs get broken, banged up, and scuffed in the beginning.

The common types of golf clubs that you will find everywhere are wood golf clubs, iron golf clubs, and putter golf clubs. But these are not intermediate and professional golfer as a beginner you don’t have to think much about golf clubs.

There are a number of golf clubs to choose from, a professional golfer or golf instructor can better tell you what to choose.

Golf Lessons In Oakville

Golf lessons are important if you want to have a great career in golf. If you want to become a professional golfer then you must join golf lessons. If you are in Oakville or a nearby location then you can learn golf from the best golf instructor - Mandeo Pathania. He is a professional golfer who has won many professional tournaments and teaching golf at Glen Abbey Golf Club since 2006.

Learn to play golf with professional golf lessons in Oakville by Mandeo Pathania. Keep in mind taking golf lessons is far much better than reading golf guides online.

In Conclusion

Golf is a little complicated for beginners and sometimes frustrating. If you want to learn to play golf you need to understand the game. Joining golf lessons will help you a lot as the coach will teach you everything related to golf and teach you new tricks and tactics.

If you want to learn more about golf you can learn with Mandeo Pathania. Search for Mandeo Pathania on google and contact him for further lessons.


About the author

Nicki Jackson

A professional golfer from Oakville who loves to write blogs in her free time.

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