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Essay: Why basketball is my favorite sport

by George Gkoutzouvalos 3 months ago in basketball

This essay is dedicated to all basketball fans around the world

How basketball is like playing chess

1) Tactics play a big role in both games

In basketball, the presence vs. absence of tactics, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e. score, is a decisive factor that can differentiate a winner from a loser.

The same, of course, and perhaps to a higher degree, applies to competing in chess, since every single move should be smoothly incorporated in a set of tactics; otherwise, winning will become impossible.

2) Thinking is essential both in basketball and in chess

Using the best asset that they have available, i.e. their brain, is of central importance for players of both games.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that both basketball and chess players should make use of their brain while competing, 100% of the time.

It’s like visualizing a carefully-studied plan in a matter of seconds, and applying it in the form of a playing strategy right in the game, in order to gain an advantage over your opponent and win.

The role of movement coordination in basketball

Personally, I believe that basketball is one of those “artistic” sports activities where players should be able to achieve a balanced combination of skill through practice and natural talent.

First of all, having a natural talent is fundamental for a basketball player to become successful, since it can help the player to coordinate their moves on the basketball court. It’s really like dancing.

The most important factor of this coordination in basketball movement is to have an increased sense of pace or rhythm.

 A basketball player should be at the right place at the right time, and do the right thing.

He/she should also watch the opponent’s moves at all times, and try to escape the opponent’s marking.

In this way, a basketball player will be able to place himself/herself in a favorable position and have a high chance to score.

So, it’s really like playing chess and be a ballet dancer at the same time! Therefore, the achievement of coordination with other players, and in a player’s own movement, is the cornerstone of being successful in playing basketball.

The benefits of playing basketball

1) Grow taller

Believe or not, playing basketball makes you grow taller!

This is one of the benefits that children and teenagers can enjoy by participating in this sports activity. The spine is elongated by jumping and stretching to reach higher, and all the bones and muscles show stronger growth. Of course, this growth cannot be achieved without a proper diet.

2) Increased coordination to achieve goals

Scoring requires the right amount of coordination in basketball, through the smooth cooperation of the eyes, brain, hands, arms, legs, and in fact the whole body. By repeating this process time after time, a basketball player will manage to increase the level of coordination and concentration to achieve goals in other areas of his or her life, as well.

Playing basketball has many more benefits, since it can boost overall health and improve body posture.

Can you lose weight by playing basketball?

Of course you can. Actually, playing basketball is one of the best ways to lose weight, while having fun and enjoying with your friends, at the same time.

What makes basketball unique in terms of losing fat and getting a nice slim and toned body is that it is also great fun!

You won’t even realize it that one hour of dribbling around other players and shooting to score will have such a tremendous effect on your level of fitness.

Just go for it!

Whether you find a place to play outdoors or indoors, go for one-hour sessions, two or three times a week, every single week of the year.

The instant benefits to your health and physique will also improve your mood and make you want to do it more often, even every single day of the week!

And finally, you will notice a significant drop in your weight.

How yoga has increased my flexibility as a basketball player

Throughout the years I have to come to realize that using yoga poses for flexibility has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in terms of improving my fitness workout routine.

I am not a great fan of going to the gym, although many fitness enthusiasts believe that going to the gym is a very effective way to improve their performance.

Since there are so many bodyweight exercises that I can do at home, I don’t see the reason why I should use the services of a gym.

Pushups had always been my favorite bodyweight exercise for general conditioning, ever since I started playing basketball as a teenager.

I really believed in the potential of this exercise, and I was impressed by its effectiveness in building my overall body strength. 

However, pushups have a major drawback that I had not taken into account; they negatively affected overall body flexibility.

Now, becoming stronger to compete successfully in basketball is one thing, and losing vital flexibility in the game, is another.

Thus, I started looking for ways to make up for this loss of flexibility.

The practice of doing warm-up exercises and stretching before a basketball game gave me an idea.

Why not use them as the core of my daily general conditioning workout routine? 

A lot of people who don't play basketball professionally, and even amateurs who view basketball as a serious hobby and want to improve their overall fitness level, usually ask the following critical question: Can you lose weight by playing basketball?

You definitely can, and by also doing yoga stretching, you will really enjoy the best of both worlds!

That is what I did, and the result was amazing.

By using yoga-like warm-up stretches, combined with exercises for developing body strength, I could maximize my flexibility and power at the same time, and this really helped me improve my performance as a basketball player.

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George Gkoutzouvalos
George Gkoutzouvalos
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