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Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying Custom Sports Prediction Software

by Brian Wilson 3 months ago in culture

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Sports Prediction Software Development Company

People love sports, regardless of religion, tradition, language, and lifestyle. Many startups and entrepreneurs started searching for opportunities in sports. One such business is building a sports prediction software business. The trend for sports prediction websites is increasing nowadays.

Sports prediction software is nothing but a prediction app. With the help of this app, one can guess the statistics of the match and can win rewards easily. The reward amount will depend on the level of competition, entry fee, and user ranking among the competitors. The value of the fantasy sports market was $18.6 billion in 2019. But now, it is expected to have a rapid growth of 13.9% CAGR to reach over $48 billion by 2027.

The factor that contributes to the growth of Sports prediction software are Enhancing Partnerships, Growing Marketing and Advertising Spend, Increasing Interests of the Millennial, Increased Count of Sports Events that are Organized Worldwide, Urge of Participation, Technological Advancements Availability of Trusted Streaming Partners, Increasing Penetration of Internet & Adoption of Smartphones, Competitive Landscape, Fantasy Sports Platform Development, and Growing OTT Platforms

To develop a prediction app, one can hire the reputed Sports prediction software providers. While choosing a provider, one has to consider the following features.

  1. Assured on-time delivery
  2. Flexible Engagement
  3. Technological Expertise
  4. Competitive Pricing
  5. Support and Maintenance
  6. Transparency

If you search for one such provider, you will end up with Fantasy Sports Tech, one of the leading Sports Prediction Software Providers. The features provided by Fantasy Sports Tech are listed below.

Features of User Panel :

  1. User dashboard - Displays the profile of the players.
  2. Winning history - Shows only the number of winning matches
  3. Playing records - Shows the number of the contest played, won, and lost.
  4. Invite and earn - Easy to invite members and earn rewards by adding members.
  5. Create a fantasy team - Can create their fantasy team.

Features of Admin panel :

  1. Role-based Dashboard - Provides details about the matches
  2. Manage Users - empowers the admin to manage user details
  3. League Management - Helps the admin to manage contests in the proper way
  4. Manage rewards and bonuses - allows the admin to manage and offer rewards
  5. Customer relationship management - Helps to manage the emails, notifications, and the location of the users.
  6. Revenue Management - Can calculate the profit earned
  7. View and Manage to earn - manage total earnings from the tournament
  8. Match management - Can manage the order of the matches.

Advanced Features :

  1. Multiple payment gateways
  2. GPS Location tracking
  3. Loyalty Programs
  4. Live group chat
  5. Live match score
  6. Push notifications

To build an app, one has to follow the procedure. The procedure was to determine the business idea, Research, Analysis, Finalize the features and functionalities, and Partner with an app development company.

If you want to read more about How to build a Sports Prediction app, then take a look at Sports Prediction Software- A Comprehensive Guide to Create a Sports Prediction Platform.

The cost to buy a custom Sports Prediction Software is somewhat tedious to guess. It depends upon the country you choose, Mobile app designing, The complexity of mobile designing, Basic features of the app, The advanced functionality of the app, the mobile developer’s experience, and the mobile technology platform that you choose.

Final Words:

Everything has changed into a business in this digital and marketing world. Over the decades, Fantasy websites became so popular. Many people who love sports look to make instant money by making predictions in their games. If you want to be one among them, then start your business with better hands. Fantasy Sports Tech is one such place where you can get your software in a hassle-free manner. It is one of the fast-growing Sports Prediction Software Development company in the global marketplace. Feel free with our expertise for your queries, they will be there for you to fulfill your dream.


Brian Wilson

Brain Wilson is a Senior Consultant at FANTASY SPORTS TECH. She has been with this company for the past four years.

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Brian Wilson
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