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Durant on all sides, Irving criticizes Simmons, the

Bucks lose by 22 points, two disappointing points

By Horse MoroPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

The NBA regular season is in full swing, and the Bucks are making their home debut, with their first opponent being the Pelicans. In this summer, the Bucks went through a turbulent off season, but eventually Durant and Irving both stayed with the team, plus the Bucks added O'Neal, big Morris, Wannabee Yuma and other players in the lineup, their lineup strength is still among the first echelon of the league, this campaign, Joe Ha, Curry Jr. two great shooters affected by ankle injuries, the wall, which also brought a huge impact on the Bucks. And the Pelicans side in last season eliminated the Clippers, playing the Western dark horse to kill the playoffs, the new season they have Zion's return, there is reason and strength to improve the ranking of the record.

Game process review.

In this game, both the Bucks and Pelicans sent their strongest starting five to play, with the Bucks led by the Big Three, plus Clarkson, and O'Neal, and the Pelicans also led by the Big Three with Val land and Jones. However, what makes Bucks fans sad is that the Bucks dug an 18-point hole in the first quarter. At the beginning of the game, the Pelicans counterattacked, a 24-10 offensive wave hit the Bucks without a fight, led by Irving's players in full form, while Zion, Ingram repeatedly in the Bucks inside a big deal, the Bucks can not do anything. In the second quarter, the Bucks' rotation led by Clarkson returned a 10-3 mini-climax, the Bucks' starting lineup returned and then hit a 7-0 run, which in turn allowed the Bucks to recover 10 points in a single quarter to avoid an early collapse of the team, and the Pelicans led the Bucks by 8 points 58-50 after two quarters of play.

The Pelicans broke out again to take over the game, Zion and Ingram showed a strong desire to attack, the two teamed up to cut 23 points in 9 minutes, the Bucks weak defense in this section was exposed, the Pelicans blasted 40 points in a single quarter to build a 20-point lead. The Pelicans kept a steady advantage in the final quarter, not giving the Bucks any chance to gain momentum. Eventually, Nash pulled out of the starting lineup and surrendered, and the Bucks lost a big home game to the Pelicans 108-130, suffering an opening blackout.

First of all, look at the Bucks, in the previous preseason, the Bucks beat the Timber wolves and Bucks two consecutive teams of not bad strength, so that fans of this team rekindled expectations and hopes, to know that their injury list and T Warren, Seth Curry, Joe Ha, these offensive players are very strong. However, in the Bucks' new season debut today, a number of problems were exposed.

First, on the rebounding, the Pelicans got 61 rebounds, 21 of which were front court rebounds, and the Bucks' total rebounds were only 39. How can you win with such a big gap? This also fully exposed the weakness of the Bucks in the interior, the Bucks' two main interior Clarkson and Sharp can not even top Lance, while Simmons can only lose fouls when facing Zion. The Bucks want to solve the problem of the interior, in addition to trade to get like Samba, Turner with a certain 3 points, speed, height of the interior, but also to make good use of Morris this point. Secondly, in addition to Durant, the Bucks other players are obviously not ready for the game, cold hands, Durant once again faced with a four-sided, isolated situation, relying only on individual singles to stop the bleeding for the team, which is the most annoying picture of Durant.

Third, Simmons is far from being mentally prepared for the game, not to mention the mid-range shooting, even the desire and courage to attack, even if Durant, Irving was wrapped, Simmons is not willing to go strong, his job is to defend and dribble across the half-court, such a performance is obviously the Bucks do not want to see! In this game, Simmons played 23 minutes and 10 seconds, lost 6 fouls, only 4 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. For Simmons' performance, Irving said: "Simmons is important to the team, we need him to stay on the court, and getting fouled is not an option. We need him to play as aggressive as he should, but we also want to play smarter."

And Simmons needs to adjust his mentality as soon as possible, if it is slow to get over this hurdle of psychology, the Bucks still trade off early, Simmons if in such a state to play a season, Durant is certainly to leave. At the same time, the other players of the Bucks need to adjust their mindset as soon as possible to adapt to the rhythm of the game, after all, the Bucks no longer have the strength to destroy everything by the core of the team in past seasons, each player has to step up to make contributions.

However, the Pelicans' front line is also really strong this season, Zion's crushing offensive box, and Ingram is just more with the strength of the first generation of Durant, tandem, finishing to the opponent to cause a comprehensive kill, the Pelicans' these two points in addition to Durant, no one can match it from height to confrontation. So, what do you think about this game?


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