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Dunk Training For Basketball Player
Dunk Training

If you want to be a great basketball dunker then it is purely a skill which you can learn from continuous practice and effort.

If you are 6 feet above then might be you are not getting too much benefit for my experience and learning.

I am 5 feet and 11 inches at the time when I am in school and I have worked on a dunk and has done a lot of practice. I am going to share all my experiences and practices to be a successful dunker.

We will discuss the below point in detail one by one

  1. Strength Training
  2. Drills to Increase Your Vertical Leap
  3. Practice Makes Perfect
  4. Tips and Cautions

Strength Training

Strength is not only the requirement of a good dunk player but it is the requirement of a basketball player or any sports player.

You can’t be a good athlete or player without continuous strength training. In strength training, you are enhancing the strength of your muscle.

Every human has its own muscle strength. Someone has very good muscle strength and someone needs the strength training to develop at that level.

If you want to increase your leap above 5 inches then you need strength training. Some expert recommend that you start with light weight lifting and some expert suggest that you should start with extensive weight lift training to get the result before the next NBA season

You can start with basic exercises like bench presses, squats, barbell rows, etc. These exercises are very famous for gaining muscle strength and it is recommended by many strength trainers as well. Olympic-style lifting is also working extremely well because most of the athletes got very good results from it.

Drills to Increase Your Vertical Leap

After getting enough strength training your body got the required power to jump higher and higher. Now you should concentrate and practice different dunking techniques so that you can streamline your strength training in the right direction. There is some dunking technique you must follow to jump higher.

Many basketball players have done skipping roll to enhance your feet stability and cardio exercise as well. You can try different versions/types of skipping roll such as one leg jump, double skip jump, and other versions as well.

Plyometric exercises are also another good jumping exercise. In this exercise, you can get a quick and sudden movement. Your muscles will be trained and powerful.

Box hops is another jumping exercise. In box hops, the players jump back and forth on a box of different height. You can increase or decrease the height of the box.

It is highly recommended that either it is the strength exercise or dunking technique exercises you must consult with your sports doctor to avoid any injury.

Practice Makes Perfect

With time after your strength and jumping technique exercise, You will notice that your jump is higher and higher.

Dunking is not only the Just a matter of jump high you can able to hold the ball as well. Holding the ball in a basketball game is too important.

You can start with a small volleyball ball to get the proper ball grip.

Tips and Cautions

  • These are a few tips to enhance your skill
  • Careful of your surrounding while dunk
  • Protect your ankles and knees while falling.
  • Don’t grab the rim
  • In the last, not least, Dunking also depends on the basketball shoes you used. Nowadays most of the brands are making special shoes which help in the dunking. It’s all depends upon your personal choice that which shoe brands do you like. My favorite shoes are Adidas basketball shoes. It helps me a lot to flourish my dunk skills

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