Delusional or Devout?

by Dawn Elizabeth 10 months ago in culture

When it comes to sport, does it bring out the worst in us?

Delusional or Devout?

As I write this, I am sat wearing my Norwich City Football Club t-shirt, in my Norwich City hoodies drinking out of my #22 Mug courtesy of my birthday. So naturally, it would come as no surprise that I am a hardcore Norwich City fan.

George Ezra hits the nail on the head when he talks about time flying by in the yellow and green, with this season being of no exception but unfortunately it has shown a great hamper on the human personality. Our competitive streak is an evolutionary thing that can sometimes on the social media stage be almost possibly delusional when it comes to how we want things to go.

We had a slow start to the season, with a lot of cries for our Head Coach Daniel Farke to be kicked to the kerb, but a credit to Delia Smith and the rest of the higher-ups on the board, they have given him his chance to shine and what a shine it has been. We are now the Championship contenders, heading towards automatic promotion so it all seems rosey. But like I say, competition can bring out a bad side of everyone.

As a fan, I have always enjoyed the company and opinions of those around me as we root for our 'lads' to bring it to the pitch and give us a show-stopping ninety minutes but it doesn't always work like that. Not everyone is perfect and not everything works out.

I tend to pride myself on being open to various other opinions and especially when it comes to debate because after all, debate is healthy. It teaches, it shows us something we may not otherwise see but it seems to be that in this day in age, debate quickly turns to insult and confrontation.

If you know anything regarding our team, you know we have our own East Anglian Derby; Ipswich Town. (The scum. See, it really is awful).

The past two matches our team we have been hit the devastating blow of our truly fabulous Emi Buendia due to a three match-ban and his replacement has left a massive division of opinions. Which is fine, but the construction in the lack of united opinions has brought out a massive sore spot.

For a group of people who are at the end of it all, are rooting for the same team for the same outcome. It is being downright disgusting and all but substantiating other team fanbase's outlook that we are a 'sh1t' fanbase. From what I have seen, they are right. To be told by a fellow fan that if you don't agree with their opinion that you may as well support Ipswich is downright treasonous; a complete and utter low blow.

Adults really are pathetic overgrown children when it comes to their outlook on sports and that as they comment, there are a fair few commenters spouting so much nonsense you would think they were the missing link a football line-up. The delusion is downright hysterical.

Put this alongside my other sports love that is Formula 1 and in true form, I am the apparent glory hunter in my love for Lewis Hamilton, Valterri Bottas and Mercedes-Benz.

They are formidable and a force to be reckoned with and the start of the season whilst not being easy, has been made to look so with the way the two are coming together but once again, the devout outlook towards Lewis is as blinkered as a faulty traffic light.

Competition, like I started with is a natural aspect of human evolution and it is definitely good for us but I don't see where people have taken that and gone so far to believe that they always have to be right all of the time. I know in writing this may come across as an outlook of wanting to be right in itself but I see life as something that we are sharing with people across the globe. There is no possibility to please everyone, it is very rare that two people are going to wholeheartedly agree on everything and I love that because otherwise, things would be crazily dull. But why do people have to get downright nasty in pushing their opinions down peoples' throats.

Is it because the likes of Donald Trump is in power or Theresa May; the mastermind of the Brexit shambles, so stubborn and unwilling to take other peoples opinions time after time after time. Is this the social norm?

But I digress.

When it comes to appreciating the arts of the athleticism that our teams display, how much is too much? Are we doing more harm than good in putting our favourites on a pedestal? Is it fair for them to have that? Doesn't it just build on the pressure when they are already physically exerting themselves to darn high magnitudes? How much is too much? And are we slowly bordering the devout/delusional line?

It's not on me to decide and this is just my opinion because that's what I am entitled to as are you. You are even allowed to disagree but please think of your journey and everyone else's when you try and put it to others and let's keep things interesting and adult, hey?

Dawn Elizabeth
Dawn Elizabeth
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