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Bucks 3-point shooter leaves team, Timber wolves steal

3-way deal, 20+12 center to complement Durant

By Wall BerryPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Just today, the U.S. media exploded Curry's views on Durant's previous trade application, Curry believes that Durant's trade application to other teams is not a wise choice, all the teams that got him, whether the Sun or the Celtics will face a huge loss of immediate power. And the Sun's general manager James Jones face reporters question, why the Sun did not get Durant, Jones said: the Bucks want to keep Durant. Indeed, the Bucks do not intend to rebuild, with the current stage of the lineup, they still have a great possibility to compete for the title, so the Bucks management to find ways to keep Durant. It is worth mentioning that the recent Bucks official tweeted the team training photos, a number of key players all appear, including Simmons, Irving, including new aid Morris are in good shape, Irving is "chipped invention", the new season Bucks feel worth looking forward to.

But it is undeniable that the Bucks also have their own weak link, that is, the strength of the five is not strong, the team of more than 2 meters 10 players, only Clarkson and Simmons, Simmons is still not clear positioning, so the Bucks still need to fill in the interior, but also to deal with different systems of the team. In the recent reports of the American media, Turner and the Bucks came closer. However, the American media "NBA analysis network" basketball reporter Percy wrote an article for the Bucks proposed a trade program, this trade program involves three teams, and can be they achieve triple win, the details are as follows.

Minnesota Timber wolves get: Joe Harris and Mills.

Chicago Bulls get: D'Angelo Russell, the 2027 protected first-round pick that Philadelphia gave to the Nets.

Brooklyn Nets get: Crevice.

Let's look at the Timber wolves first. They made a breakthrough improvement last season, reaching the playoffs as the seventh in the West. Although they were eliminated in the first round, they are still worthy of expectation as far as the course of the game is concerned. In addition, in this summer, they got three-time best defensive player Robert without losing Edwards, Towns and Russell, which is undoubtedly a huge reinforcement in the strength of the lineup. The double-tower lineup, one inside and one outside, is enough to scare people.

However, Russell has not been outstanding in this year's playoffs, averaging 12.0 points, 2.5 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 1.5 steals per game is far from the regular season, in the case of Edwards ushered in tremendous growth, the Timber wolves also hope to seek change through this point. Joe Harris and Mills are both great 3-point shooters, and with the Timber wolves having a twin-tower lineup, the team has an urgent need for space, and the duo can bring the 3-point ability the Timber wolves need, while Mills also has plenty of playoff experience to help the young Timber wolves.

The Bulls have always had great expectations for Crevice, but unfortunately the two seasons he has been with the Bulls, the performance he has played has not been satisfactory. And with Ball out for the season, they are desperately short of an organizational guard. Russell is not as strong as he used to be, but is still a great point guard who balances organization and offense. He can help La Vine and Derogate to get better offensive opportunities. With Ball back in unknown form, the Bulls could trade him for a blue-collar inside linebacker. For the Bulls, the strategy of playing mainly outside and inside on defense is certainly a bold attempt.

For the Bucks, what the Bucks lack is an inside line. Although Crevice's defensive ability is not top-notch, his offensive level and rebounding ability is still considerable, averaging 19.4 points, 12.4 rebounds and 1.2 caps per game in the playoffs. Crevice's arrival can improve the Bucks' stubborn problems inside to a certain extent, and the Bucks are no longer stretched thin in their interior options. Moreover, Curry Jr. can replace the role of Joe Harris, while Mills occupies a larger payroll space, which is not very helpful to the team. And with Irving, Curry, Durant, Simmons, Crevice as the starting lineup, the offense has a fully competitive, defensive and rebounding than the past season has also been greatly improved.


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