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Be strong in frustration, be yourself

by Rachel Reese 2 months ago in basketball
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Born in Queens, New York, the boy had a dream when he was six or seven years old - to play in the NBA. Although this idea seems a little out of reach, it grows a little in the boy's tender mind and grows stronger day by day.

Be strong in frustration, be yourself
Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

Born in Queens, New York, the boy had a dream when he was six or seven years old - to play in the NBA. Although this idea seems a bit out of reach, it grew a little bit in the boy's tender mind and grew stronger day by day. When he was young, the boy had dreamed of holding his father's hand, crossing the green grass to play on the court, doing all kinds of movements: soaring, jumping, speeding, braking, shooting, standing behind him, his tall father, would cheerfully applaud and cheer him on.

  But all this could only happen in the boy's dreams - his father was a drug addict and hardly ever took care of him. The boy could not enter his father's world, his father's thoughts were completely isolated from him, and he and his father were like two parallel extended lives that did not intersect. Lacking his father's love, the boy was more or less capricious, acting on his consciousness, regardless of right and wrong. Of course, this also makes the boy strong, his will to sharpen the tougher. Without the support of his father, the boy stumbles and grows up, trying to do well for himself.

  In the days when he was dependent on his mother, the boy lived a simple life, he appreciated his mother's hard work and gradually matured. But before the candles could be lit on the boy's 12th birthday, his mother passed away and left him, leaving him alone in a corner, crying, and facing the storms of the future alone. The only pillar of the family collapsed, but his father still did not show up to lend him a helping hand.

  Later, it was his grandmother who took the boy in. But the 76-year-old could not even take care of her own life, so how could she take care of him? The boy knew that this was a place of refuge, a temporary harbor. In this reorganized family of young and old, the boy miraculously lives tenaciously, he begins to contact the society, focuses on the ideals of life, and struggles with fate. He understands that he must work hard to make a complete change and that everything can only be done by himself.

  The boy picks up his childhood dream again and frantically plays on the court, day and night. Only in the court, he can find confidence, find happiness, and burst out with innate power. Without parental discipline or restraint, the boy brings his ball skills to life, like a flowing stream. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Others had experience and achievements, while he was unknown and unsung. He did not get discouraged and tried to do his job: play, practice, cooperate and improve.

  But before time could prove everything, the sad news came - his grandmother passed away, and he was devastated and pushed to the edge of a nervous breakdown once again. Perhaps the gods had intended it to happen, but three years later, before he could wake up from the joy of fatherhood, his six-month-old son left him, and the grief of losing his son made him despondent and unable to see a future. What could be worse than being traumatized? But the grief was far from over. Not long after his son's funeral, he had a brush with death in a gun attack near his hometown, followed by a car accident a few months later. In the season immediately following, his teammates were in full swing scrambling, while the injury made him a spectator.

  Facing various trials in life, he didn't give up, always bravely facing them and sublimating his life in frustration. He said, "I've been through a lot of things that the average person might not be able to survive, especially mentally. Some people will use these things as an excuse for them to give up on life and stop fighting. But so many hardships have not knocked me down because once I'm down, then I'm not me anymore, and that's what makes me different."

  Although he did not become the best player in the NBA, his optimistic mentality infected everyone. People saw strength in him, an indomitable spirit, and the openness to come out of the shadows with grace. Although the thirty-year-old has played six seasons with the Lakers, he has not won a single individual honor, whether it is "All-Star" or "Best Sixth Man". In the face of friendly criticism or unkind accusations and complaints, he always smiles: "I can only do my good, my life is happy."

  On June 18, 2010, after a nine-month-long battle, Odom and his teammates fought hard to beat the Celtics 83-79 in the "Battle of Seven" of the Finals, thus winning the 2009 - 2010 NBA championship with a total score of 4-3. --The Lakers defeated the Celtics 83-79 in the final "game of seven" to win the 2009-2010 NBA championship with a total score of 4-3.

  In the Lakers, Odom is not as bright as Kobe, not as aggressive as Gasol, and not as crazy as Artest, but he uses his unique personality to write his legend. Some people say: because of Odom, the city of Los Angeles is more light and strange; because of Odom, the Lakers team has more entertainment elements. When asked about his plans, Odom proudly recited their motto: "Even if you're surrounded by all the stars and expectations, even if you have a golden spoon in your mouth, even if you're already wearing a championship ring, you still have to fight every second of every day."


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Rachel Reese

If success is seen as the evaluation of others, then you will never be able to get rid of the exhaustion of your mind or even experience the joy of success at all.

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