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Averaged 28+5+5, a new career high! I thought he was just playing auxiliary, but I did not expect to reverse the big boss

I thought he was just playing auxiliary, but I did not expect to reverse the big boss

By SalolahertyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Peach and plum spring breeze a glass of wine, rivers, and lakes night rain ten years of lights. Inadvertently, DeMar DeRozan, who was initially known as the King of the North, has been galloping in the league for 13 years. Although he does not have a brilliant career like LeBron James and did not get a championship ring of his own, he has always used his unique personality to conquer everyone around him. From the very beginning of the Toronto Raptors, and then the Holy City Spurs, and finally to the Chicago Bulls today, DeRozan's team leader identity, has not changed.

That's right, after initially playing value in the Raptors and establishing his position as the team leader, he reaped the title of King of the North awarded by Canadian fans. Even though he has since swapped owners with Leonard of the Holy City Spurs because of the team's development, DeRozan has been able to continue to play the role of team leader under Popovich. Even for the Spurs, who were looking for development, and finally traded him to Chicago, DeRozan was still able to take away the position that belonged to Zach LaVine's team leader with his excellent mid-range shooting ability.

Averaging 28+5+5, a career-high

In the early offseason of last year, DeRozan and the L.A. Lakers are interested in each other, almost to the point of signing. But by mistake, he ended up joining the Chicago Bulls, who hadn't made the playoffs in years, in a sign-and-trade deal. In the case of the time, almost everyone in the league thought that DeRozan was only worthy of playing next to LaVine, but he proved his worth in action. Last season, playing 76 regular season games for the Bulls, DeRozan turned in averages of 27.9 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.9 assists, and 0.9 steals per game.

Among them, DeRozan averaged nearly 28 points of scoring contribution, creating a new career season scoring high. And with the personal eye-catching data, DeRozan also once led the team successfully into the playoffs, ending the Bull's nearly four years in a row without the playoffs dilemma. The numbers don't lie, and the results don't lie! He just came to a brand new team, he set a new career record in scoring and led the team to the playoffs, which they hadn't touched in a row. The role of DeRozan for the Chicago Bulls is not just a supporting role.

Auxiliary to turn the team into a big player

Whether you want to admit it or not, all the data is better than LaVine's DeRozan, which has taken away LaVine's team leader position. He cannot shoot three points but has the title of a good shot. In last season's regular season into the end of the key stage, played a series of the late king of the style, stole the thunder belonged to Chris Paul. I'm afraid no one would have thought that DeRozan, now 33 years old, would be able to make a comeback from a character who was only expected to play a supporting role to a team leader.

In the current small-ball era of outside three-point shooting, DeRozan, who only can shoot, may indeed be an alternative, but who can deny his ability to score on the breakthrough as well as the mid-range? According to the data, DeRozan averaged 27.9 points per game last season, ranking fifth in the league in scoring contribution, 50.4% shooting percentage, also far better than the team's LaVine and Vucevic. Moreover, the stunning performance of delivering 40+ scoring contributions in a single game many times last season also made the man who became the team's all-time rival Michael Jordan. So, DeRozan can steal the position of Lavin team leader, completely by their tough strength.


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