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Avalanche Game 77 Recap: Respect Gorgeous George

The Colorado Avalanche's big loss to the Edmonton Oilers has fans hurling a lot of misplaced blame

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

We need to show Alexandar Georgiev more respect.

The man's leading the league in wins...for the second straight year. He was an All-Star this season. So can we please stop pretending that Georgiev's the problem when he's actually been bailing us out?

Friday night saw the Avs in Edmonton against the Oilers, the last leg of our three game road swing. Georgiev was in net for the Avs against Stuart Skinner, but the Oilers struck first and early, and of all people, it was Corey Perry. Ay caramba! So the Avs were down 1-0 early, and after a long time of getting absolutely nothing through, Jonathan Drouin tied it up--his third goal in two games. Avs finally had a power play after killing two of Edmonton's; nothing there, but right after it ended, Ross Colton gave us a 2-1 lead. We didn't enjoy it for long, as you-know-who tied it up. You know, the guy wearing #97.

It was 2-2 after 20 minutes, despite us being outshot 17-6. Mikko Rantanen was on the receiving end of a disgustingly dirty hit from Mattias Ekholm, yet who got penalized? Jack Johnson for unsportsmanlike conduct. Right, because a dirty hit to the head that ended a player's night definitely wasn't unsportsmanlike. I'm so sick and tired of Avs players being on the receiving end of dirty hits, and the NHL and Player Safety doing fuck all about it. So we killed the penalty, but the Oilers took the lead. Guess who? Ekholm. Here's the thing. Ekholm pushed Georgiev's pad. Clear goalie interference...unless it's the Avs goalie that's interfered with. Goal counted, Oilers got a power play. It was killed off, it looked like we'd be down one after 40, but Kane had to happen. 4-2 after 40, and McDavid and Kane struck again in the third.

So who did Avs "fans" blame for the loss? Was it our players for not shooting the puck? After all, the Oilers finished with a 2-1 shots advantage over us. Was it the refs for handing everything on a silver platter to the Oilers? No. For some ungodly reason, so-called Avs "fans" placed all of the blame on Georgiev. Idiots said that Georgiev let in nothing but softies all night. One problem. Ekholm's goal shouldn't have counted. It was clear goalie interference. Ekholm shouldn't have even remained in the game. That hit to Rantanen was absolutely dirty; should have been five and 10. I've seen Nazem Kadri get suspended for less than that.

So all of those factors were against us, yet certain idiots had the nerve to blame the one player who kept us in the game until he couldn't do it anymore. Georgiev had 41 saves in net. Forty-one saves. That performance deserves praise. Instead, so so fans are burying him and acting like he's the second coming of Mike Smith. That is absolutely fucked up. I'll say it plain and simple: if you seriously think that loss was Georgiev's fault, with the deck stacked against us, just turn in your Avs fan card right the hell now.

The Avalanche return home on Sunday, and it's a big one. It's our last regular season meeting with the Dallas Stars, a team we are trying to catch in the Central. The Avs are unbeaten against Dallas this season, but this fourth meeting is a highly important one, and I want Georgiev in net for us against Dallas. I trust Georgiev for this game, and our season. He can definitely shut down the best teams in the league. He has to be the only goalie this season who hasn't been scored on by Auston Matthews--a player who could finish with 70 goals this season. That says it all for me.

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  • Philip Gipson4 months ago

    What a truly gripping story you've written out.

Clyde E. DawkinsWritten by Clyde E. Dawkins

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