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Another team in the East joins the rotten wave!

Do people think Guzman is a good fit for the Bucks?

By Wall BerryPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

The NBA will have another nearly 20 years not world out of the talented players to join, former NBA star Jefferson said, if he and James were together in the draft, James can only rank second; and the current NBA superstar Durant said straight, he joined the NBA, our big trouble came, and an NBA executive is straightforward: he is not a genius to change the team, he is a genius to change the league. And this person is long scheduled for the 2023 NBA draft pick Wen Banyan. In the recent game against the Ignition, he shot 11 of 24 from the field and 12 of 16 from the free throw line, cutting to a crazy 36 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 blocks. And what the media said about him, these wrote: He has Tao Ming-like height, Durant's finishing ability, and Robert's defense, and even a Kobe-style post-up jumper.

It's easy to see that if Zimbabwean overcomes his injury problems when he enters the NBA, then he's bound to be a league-changing interior player. And the emergence of Zimbabweans has triggered a wave of swinging in the league. Among them, the Spurs early sent away the team boss Murray and announced a complete swing, and the Spur's last swing is in 1997, that season they only won 20 games, with the league's bottom three record and excellent luck, get the first prize, as hoped to bring back Duncan, and this swing for the Spurs brought five championships, and now the Spurs again, will be able to replicate the miracle of the past? And 2023 is a big draft year, this class of newcomers not only Wen Banyan, and Yakutsk Henderson's talented teenagers, is worth the league some teams without playoff hopes for the swing, and just today, the U.S. media broke the news that the Wizards in the East will join the swing wave, they intend to send away the team's 27-year-old forward Guzman.

A western executive today interviewed Sean Eventide of Heavy fame, he talked about the Wizards and Guzman's situation, the executive said: "The Wizards said goodbye to the playoffs in the new season, the team to cut salary to reduce expenses, while obtaining more forward signings, so the Wizards decided to trade Guzman to add some young players. "For now, Guzman's next home, the Bulls have been in the trade market to seek to upgrade the forward trade possibilities, but the Bulls do not want to increase the luxury tax, the Bulls plan to send Kirby White; Maverick also want to upgrade the lineup, but their forward group strength is not weak, Wood, McKee, and Smith, Powell, Bernstein, and others, trade Guzman to the Maverick Not much significance. The Western executive said the Bucks are Guzman's number one potential next home and would give up Sesquicentennial, Thomas, and a second-round pick to get him.

As we all know, Guzman is a flexible forward, his offensive skills are very comprehensive, can break through, also can shoot, and has a handful of passing skills, last season was traded to the Wizards, and in 66 regular season games Guzman delivered an average of 17.1 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 3.5 assists, not bad data, but the Wizards' forward eight-inch base has returned to mental health, he is the Wizards to focus on training the front line. For the Bucks, they need to replenish their immediate strength to win games. Guzman can play both positions of three and four, and he can be Durant's understudy to avoid Durant's physical crisis. However, the Bucks are not short of people at the front line, Simmons, Durant, Joe Harris, Royce O'Neal, Morris, and Clarkson. If the Bucks unleash this deal, is it a preview that they will initiate the next round of trades and send away one of Simmons or Joe Harris?

For the Wizards, Curry Jr.'s contract expires in 2023 and Cameron Thomas is a very talented prospect worthy of the Wizards to focus on, saving money + getting young players all in one! So, do you all think Guzman is a good fit for the Bucks?


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