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By Pedro GonçalvesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Wrestling is a fighting style sport. It is very popular in the world as it is one of the oldest sports. Because of this the following is a brief description of wrestling as well as the main rules of the sport. In addition there is also some information for those who want to start in this sport as for example the necessary equipment.

The History of Wrestling

This is one of the oldest sports in existence, with its origin occurring during ancient times. The exact date is not known, but it is known that for centuries this type of wrestling has always existed. However, there are drawings of wrestlers in caves in Sumero province that date back 3000 years before Christ. This implies that even in the oldest civilizations this type of full-contact fighting already existed.

Over the years this sport evolved until in 708 BC, wrestling was introduced into the ancient Olympic games. At that time the fight was between two wrestlers who used various martial art styles. Of these fighting styles only judo and Greco-Roman wrestling have remained in modern wrestling.

Nowadays this sport is divided between two types. Amateur wrestling and Pro wrestling. The first is the sport performed by many wrestlers around the world and also in the Olympic games. The second is intended to be a source of entertainment.

Description of wrestling

Wrestling is a type of wrestling that is done by two wrestlers where the goal is to maintain a superior position for as long as possible. During a match the wrestlers can use various types of attacks to achieve this goal such as throws, keys and pins. A match ends when one of the wrestlers manages to maintain the superior position for a three-second count made by the match referee. If at the end of this count one of the wrestlers manages to maintain this position he wins the match. This is called Pinfall. There are also other ways to win a match such as Knock Out, which is when one of the fighters is unable to continue the fight, making his opponent the winner of the match. Another way to win a wrestling match is to make your opponent submit.

This sport has a wide variety of styles where each one has its own set of rules. Thus, Greco-Roman wrestling and Freestyle wrestling have the most fans around the world.

Main rules of wrestling

Wrestling fights are held in a ring where each wrestler is assigned a corner. As already mentioned, a wrestler wins a wrestling match when he can make his opponent accept submission, with a Knock out or else through pinfall. During a match there are a number of rules that all wrestlers must follow. The main rules are as follows.

It is absolutely forbidden to use illegal moves such as below the waist or knee or head strikes. Also, it is not allowed to use any objects during a match. If a fighter breaks one of these rules, he is immediately disqualified.

If one of the wrestlers stays out of the ring for too long, he is disqualified.

No punches with fists, feet or head are allowed.

During a match all wrestlers must respect each other as well as the match referee where no verbal violence of any kind is allowed.

Equipment needed to start wrestling

To be able to start in this sport you must have a ring where the match can take place. In addition, it is also mandatory to have your own protective head gear. Then you also need comfortable shoes as well as a singlet which is the clothing worn during wrestling matches.


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