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Al Horford Talks 2024 Finals Win, Dominican Representation, and More

Boston Celtics Al Horford Talks 2024 NBA Finals Win

By Total Apex SportsPublished 4 days ago 4 min read
Al Horford Talks 2024 Finals Win, Dominican Representation, and More
Photo by Kylie Osullivan on Unsplash

Fans lined Boylston Street beginning at 7 am EST just to get a chance to see Al Horford, the newest NBA champion. The Boston Celtics star finally broke through with a ring after 17 years, and the fans were here to serenade him and get a little bit of chicken from Raising Cane’s. Total Apex Sports was invited to be a part of the event by the chicken restaurant, to talk with Horford and find out just what he means to the city of Boston.

Al Horford Loves Winning in Boston

Al Horford is no longer the NBA record holder for the most playoff games played without a championship. The longtime center opened up on what it meant to win one in Boston, a city long known for its championships. He said, “We play basketball for the Celtics, and we understand we represent much more Boston. We represent the New England area. And I’m just very proud to be able to bring a championship to Boston.”

Horford first joined the Celtics eight years ago and he said that this is exactly what he envisioned. He also added that it’s been hard, as the Celtics traded him and lost an NBA Finals with him in 2022. An agonizing defeat eventually paved the way for the Celtics’ 18th NBA title and Horford’s first.

He later added that he remembered playing in Boston as a rookie for the Atlanta Hawks, and knew then that the city was different,” It’s the love of the people here for their sports, for the game… I’ve been all over the country, and I just haven’t seen the love, the care, the commitment from people towards not only their sports but their community.”

The First Dominican NBA Champion

There is just one NBA player in history to be from the Dominican Republic and win a title: Al Horford. The center said it was a special thing considering his father, Tito Horford, was the first Dominican NBA player at all. He said, “I understand that I represent more than myself and my family. You know, there’s not only the country over there, but the [Dominican] community here, the community here is very strong in Boston.” Horford is happy to bring them joy but also understands that there’s a lot more to it than that.

“Hopefully, [I will] be able to inspire younger kids to do different things in their lives,” Horford went on. He recalled when the Boston Red Sox were able to win the World Series and starred Dominican players like David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, and Manny Ramirez. “They inspired a bunch of us. I was younger back then, and now I feel like, hopefully, I can do the same for other people.”

How Al Horford’s Son Took in His Father’s Achievement

Al Horford’s oldest son was seen crying in a now-viral video as the seconds ticked away on his father’s championship. Horford himself has now seen the video, and he said, “It was very special. He’s so involved, you know, he loves being a Celtic he he just really relishes it.” He added that his son can play basketball now and truly understands what all of it means to his dad.

Horford mentioned on a few occasions his teammates and the Celtics’ roster. Derrick White, in particular, got a shoutout for embracing the young Horford after the game. “They really care for him. And that, to me, is the special part that we not only get to celebrate this, you know, with the guys, but we can celebrate with our families,” he added.

Al Horford Works the Register

Horford, a Raising Cane’s sponsored athlete, then transitioned into a work role, serving as a cashier for an honorary shift. Fans who’d been waiting all day were treated to meet him at the counter as they ordered their food. He even tossed alley-oops of sauce to customers. One fan remarked that they had just been coming to get some chicken for lunch and were overjoyed to be able to meet Horford in any capacity.

Another made herself known early on. As one of the first people in line, Sarah Robinson had been outside standing in the heat for several hours. She even skipped work for the event. When she got into the restaurant, she shouted at a smiling Horford, “We love you!” Robinson nervously approached, shaking that she got to meet her favorite NBA player and get some good food served by him.

She would reveal later on that it was her late father who inspired this. She’d been a diehard fan since before the last Celtics’ championship in 2007. Her father instilled it in her, and since his name was also Al, the two became huge fans of the center. He passed away two years ago, and Robinson lamented the fact that he didn’t get to see Horford finally win a ring. But, as she smilingly added, she knew he was smiling down on her, thrilled that she got to meet her idol.

Fans Shout For Celtics’ Star

As this transpired, fans outside began to chant “We want Al!” and clamor towards the door. Despite Horford being at best the fourth-most popular player on the roster, there was a special level of love and appreciation for the NBA veteran. As he made his way out, towering over the line that stretched for blocks, that was abundantly clear. It’s no surprise then that he decided not to go out on top and is going to run it back with the Celtics for his 18th NBA season next year.

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