A bit too late? Or right on time?

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The boxing match that no one saw coming.

A bit too late? Or right on time?
Mike Tyson (left) Roy Jones Jr. (right)

A boxing match that no one thought they would ever see is about to become a reality.

I could wholeheartedly admit that I am absolutely a huge combat sports fan. Whether it is a Golden Boy Boxing Promotions event or a UFC or Bellator event, you could always expect me to be ALL-THE-WAY tuned in.

And no, I do not have any deep-rooted personal issues stemming from my childhood. I just like watching a good old-fashioned fight, person vs person, individual vs individual fight.

Now you could imagine my surprise when it was announced that the 54-year-old would come out of retirement to face another boxing legend that I also enjoyed watching: 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr. who was also an absolute beast during his heyday as well!

When Mike Tyson was in his prime, and I was watching him just straight up STEAMROLL almost all of his opponents, it was never really a question of if Tyson would win or not, but more so, what round would he knockout his opponent? Tyson was just a different animal and had heavy hands that was able to put just about anyone to sleep if one of his deadly punches indeed connected.

Granted, losing to James “Buster” Douglas, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis never took away from the terrifying aura of Iron Mike Tyson because undefeated or not, he was dangerous! A couple of losses under his belt would not be enough for me to have the courage to so much as “breathe wrong” in his presence.

Now Roy Jones Jr. was an extremely accomplished boxer as well and was easily one of my favorite boxers NOT named Mike Tyson. Where he (Tyson) usually immediately went for the kill early in his fights, Jones appeared to be satisfied with picking his opponents apart on sometimes what may seem to be a slow burn of a match. Brilliantly piecing together some of the most beautiful combos you would ever see, watching a Roy Jones was fight was an experience similar to watching an illustrative painter create a masterpiece before your very eyes.

One tool he utilized INCREDIBLY well, was his speed. In a short moment of not being attentive, you may have gotten punched 5 times …. from one hand! It has even been stated from previous opponents, that Jones feels like he has 4 arms because of how fast he was able to hit you from multiple angles! He always aimed to entertain anyone watching him fight, and quite often, he did not disappoint. Throw in the fact that he has won championships in 4 different weight classes and you have one of the most incredibly talented, well respected, smartest boxers to ever set foot in a boxing ring.

But now both Tyson and Jones, on paper, seem past their prime. But it does not seem to have deterred them away from the upcoming challenge that awaits them.

Now do not start with any jokes about geriatrics or life alert just yet! They both dropped some recent training videos & they both look like they are very much in pretty good shape! Tyson looks like he can still decapitate opponents with his punches while Jones seems to have maintained his lightning quick reflexes & speed.

One thing is for sure, no average Joe in their right mind would step in to the ring with either of these gentlemen!

Tyson has 50 wins with 44 by knockout while Jones has 66 wins with 47 by knockout.

Who will be the victor? I guess we will find out soon! The fight will be on PPV for $49.99 on September 12, 2020

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