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5 Candidates to Replace Dana White as UFC President

Will Endeavor replace Dana White?

By Jacob CraigPublished 5 months ago 2 min read
via Bleacher Report

Dana White has been the figurehead of the UFC for decades now, essentially saving the company and the sport of MMA on several occasions with his business savvy and ruthless determination. However, he has also been known for underpaying fighters, using sleezy business practices in order to get an edge on his competition, and most recently he was caught on video hitting his wife on New Year's Eve. While the MMA community seems to be immune to cancel culture, Endeavor's stock is not immune to such backlash, meaning that the company will likely seek to replace the UFC president in order to regain potential investments. Who could be up for such a lofty title? Here a just a few suggestions:

1. Sean Shelby

via BJPenn.com

A huge aspect of being the president of the UFC is knowing how to make matches in order to promote the fighters in your brand, and no one would be better at that than the current UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby. Eagle-eyed MMA fans should recognize Shelby from the UFC weigh-ins or Dana White's Contender Series, as he can be seen giving his input by the side of the current president. Being so close to the top of the company already, Shelby is the obvious next choice to take the all-important mantle of UFC president.

2. Mick Maynard

via MyMMANews

Another one of the men that is frequently seen behind Dana White at events is the VP 0f Talent Relations Mick Maynard. Maynard obviously has a good eye for who the next UFC star is going to be, and on top of his experience managing fighters, he is also the president of the MMA organization LFA. While he may not be the first choice, he has all of the qualifications and experience the head of the UFC would need, making him perhaps the smartest choice Endeavor could make to replace Dana White.

3. Hunter Campbell

via El Universo

Hunter Campbell (right) is who deals with fighter contracts, negotiations, and various legal proceedings as the UFC's Chief Business Officer. A graduate of UNLV School of Law, Campbell has a mind for how to handle the behind the scenes of the overall operations of the company. He's likely to be an unpopular choice to lead the company from the perspective of fighters and fans, but from an investment standpoint, Endeavor's money would be safe in the hands of someone with as much law experience as Campbell.

4. Ari Emanuel

via better.net

At the end of the day, the UFC is Ari Emanuel's company and Dana White is just running it. As the CEO of Endeavor, the absolute safest option for Emanuel and the company's investors is for him to double as the UFC president, and serve as a figurehead while Maynard, Shelby and Campbell do the real work to keep the business afloat.

5. Forrest Griffin

via Cris Cyborg

Who could possibly be better to lead the UFC and understand the company than someone who has been on both sides of the cage? Forrest Griffin is a two-time UFC Hall of Famer, former UFC champion, and plays an instrumental part in fighter relations as well as overseeing the operations of the UFC Performance Institute. Likeability is a huge factor of being the face of a company, and Griffin has that in spades, still being the same self-deprecating goofball that won the Ultimate Fighter and saved the future of MMA with one fight.

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