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3 deals were reached, the Lakers, and the Nets to solve the trouble, and the championship team and the runner-up team swap

Bucks welcome big center, plug last weak link

By Hitchinson MetzPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Some championship-contending teams in the league want to achieve good results, they have to spend huge efforts on building their rosters, they all want to recruit good players into the team, but also want to get rid of the team's prickly players as soon as possible. Now in the off-season, closer to the opening of the new NBA season, the desire of some teams to trade is becoming more and more obvious. The American media "NBA Analysis Network" recently wrote about three heavyweight transactions that are highly likely to happen shortly.

The first: was a three-way trade between the Lakers, Jazz, and Bucks.

The Los Angeles Lakers receive Mike Conley, Ordovician, and Gray's son Allen.

Utah Jazz receive: West brook, Jordan Bravo, Sacristan Sunbonnet, a 2027 first-round pick from the Lakers, a 2029 first-round pick

Milwaukee Bucks receiving: Jordan Clarkson.

As we all know, the Lakers didn't even make the play-in game in the season that just ended, and they only finished with a record of 33 wins and 49 losses, but the healthy duo of James and Davis still have the top power in the league. However, West brook and James' eyebrows playing style conflict, and huge salary is undoubtedly also a big liability for the Lakers, after the Lakers trade to Beverly, Willow's situation becomes more embarrassing. For now, Willis is open to trade and is looking forward to a team that will give him more autonomy and let him be himself. The deal sends the Lakers enough quality ready-to-play players, all of whom have uncommon 3-point attributes, to boost the Lakers' offensive space.

The Bucks stopped in the Eastern Conference semifinals with Middleton injured. Although they are strong, it can also show that the team lacks some scoring points and lacks the firepower to support them off the bench. Sending away three marginal players in exchange for one of the best sixth men is undoubtedly quite worth it. The Jazz gets the assets they want to rebuild, and Willis has the experience to help the team's youngsters grow, and also free up huge payroll space next year, making it a win-win-win deal all around.

Second deal: Nets welcome big center, plug last weak link

Brooklyn Nets get Myles Turner.

Indiana Pacers get Joe Harris, a 2027 first-round pick, and a 2029 first-round swap.

After Durant and Irving's trade drama came to an end, the Bucks also officially began to prepare for next season, and the main job of the Bucks is to continue to improve the team's roster, at present, the Bucks have a great advantage in the one to four positions, only the five position disadvantage is obvious, Clarkson and Sharp are very young and do not have a strong inside dominance, Turner's arrival, can bring the Bucks rebounding and box Defensive security. As the league's cap king, Turner has a good ability to finish under the basket, most importantly, he also has more than 35% three-point shooting, and he is also very young, together with Simmons, the Bucks in the paint defense is no longer stretched.

The third: the championship runner-up asked for a trade, and the Warriors gain Jayne Brown

Boston Celtics receive Wiggins, PK Washington, and a first-round pick from the Warriors in 2028.

Charlotte Hornets receive: a 2026 first-round pick from the Warriors

Golden State Warriors get: Jayne Brown

It's easy to see that the biggest reason for the Warriors to make this deal is that Wiggins will be a free agent at the end of next season, and not surprisingly the Warriors would need to pay Wiggins a top-salary contract of over $36 million a year to satisfy Wiggins' appetite. But in terms of their current salary structure, it is undoubtedly difficult to do this. Taking Wiggins for Brown will not only ensure the team's long-term competitiveness but also give the team room to extend Poole's contract, which is a double whammy.

The Celtics explored the possibility of taking Brown for Durant before, which has created a disconnect between Brown and the Celtics, Wiggins' strength last season is evident to all, he has played the league's top 3 data, and key moments in offense and defense are trustworthy, PK Washington's physical talent and athleticism are very good after Gagarin's injury retired, PK Washington will become the Green Army in the front line The Hornets made this move to free up the Hornets for the first time. The Hornets' move is to free up payroll space, and the first round that came to the Warriors in 2026 could be worth a lot, which, all things considered, is a triple-win deal.

So, which of the above 3 deals do you think is more likely to materialize? Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section!


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