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2021 Royal Rumble Review: Edge wins the Rumble & Will Headline Wrestlemania 37!

by Michael Reynoso 2 months ago in fighting

The 'Rated-R' superstar, Edge, became the 1st Hall of Famer to win the #RoyalRumble match as the #1 entrant.

Image Credit: @WWE

What a way to start the new year with this triumphant victory!

The 2021 Royal Rumble winner......is yours truly.......the 'Rated-R' superstar...Edge!!!

This video above gave me goosebumps when Edge won!

For those who witnessed this moment in history, this was the match of the century.

Edge outlasted 29 superstars to headline Wrestlemania 37!

With this win, not only did Edge become the 5th wrestler in WWE history to win 2 Royal Rumble matches. Edge became the 1st wrestler and Hall of Famer to enter the match at No. 1 and win it all.

No one knew Edge would win this match.

As the No.1 entrant, usually, a wrestler would have a disadvantage. This time, there was one who overcame all odds and hanged on for almost an hour to claim the victory. Both Edge and his longtime bitter rival, the 'Apex Predator' Randy Orton, started the match and ended the match together.

Edge started as the No.1 entrant and Randy Orton started as the No.2 entrant. The match was in complete chaos.

The royal rumble match started with Edge going straight to Randy and both men were beating the hell out of each other. The fight continued outside the ring, as Edge bodyslammed Randy on the commentator's table.

To add insult to injury, Edge used a steel chair and hit Randy's leg with authority, leaving Orton being carried out. Although Orton was carried out, he was still in the match.

The match continued with some great surprises and epic returns. First, when Carlito's music hit, I was beside myself and couldn't believe it. It has been over a decade since Carlito stepped foot in the ring. Carlito came in the ring and delivered a few backstabbers, which was his vintage move.

Another surprise returns were "The Hurricane," who lasted 30 seconds in the match. Then there's the "Captain of Charisma," Edge's long time friend, Christian.

Edge & Christian Reunited

The most memorable moment in the royal rumble match was when both Edge and Christian looked at each other fondly and embraced with open arms. This was quite a sight from one of the greatest tag-teams of all-time. Matt Riddle wanted to be a part of the reunion, but both Edge and Christian were not having it.

As a result, they threw Riddle over the top rope with joy. There were great highlights from the match that included Damien Priest from NXt, who tossed out 4 elite superstars in his debut.

Edge Eliminates Randy Orton

As the match continued, it was down to Edge and "The Messiah," Seth Rollins. Both men wasted no time on eliminating each other, but Edge had the upper hand and eliminated Rollins for god measure.

While Edge was alone in the ring, Orton came out of nowhere and delivered an RKO to Edge. As Orton was about to throw Edge over the top rope, Edge somehow did a reversible throw to Orton for the victory.

On this night, Edge became the 2021 Royal Rumble winner!

Not only did Edge eliminated Orton, but he did it 2 years in a row.

What a way to end the night on top!!

Now, Edge has a choice to make.

Will Edge choose the "Head of the Table," "Tribal Chief," and reigning Universal Champion Roman Reigns?

Or will Edge choose "Claymore City," reigning 2-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre?

Congratulations, Edge!

You deserve it!

The road to Wrestlemania has begun.

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Michael Reynoso
Michael Reynoso
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