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Work in a Collaborative and Dynamic Culture of a Top Transportation Company - AJR Trucking Employs!

Work in a Collaborative and Dynamic Culture of a Top Transportation Company - AJR Trucking Employs!

By Lana GregoryPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

CALIFORNIA, Feb.15, 2022 -- AJR Trucking, a Los Angeles-based sustainable trucking company, has announced the start of the recruitment period, offering professional truck drivers the to start their career path in a collaborative and dynamic culture of a top transportation company. Throughout 2021, AJR constantly went back and forth with the improvement processes of its workplace culture. The company faced many challenges; however, it uncovered the unique recipe of crafting the workplace culture that the transportation industry lacked. As a result, even though the company ongoingly works on perfecting its workplace culture, already today AJR Trucking can state that its workplace is where employees are appreciated, respected, and understood.

What’s AJR Trucking’s Secret?

AJR Trucking aimed to comprehend what stands behind the perfect formula for creating the desired workplace culture for a long time. After lengthy discussions, the company came up with the fundamental idea that the desired workplace culture is where everyone is on the same page. That is when AJR started paying close attention not only to the project completion and management procedures but also to the choice and training of the personnel. After integrating the ideology of requiring each employee to correspond to the company's strict standards and follow the company values, AJR Trucking started seeing employee productivity increase, mood swings decrease, and workplace harmony uplift. When all employees working at a particular company think in the same direction, goals become more attainable, and results are always surprising.

AJR Trucking Team Members’ Voices

The success of AJR in crafting the workplace culture all dream to work at is affirmed by many employees of the company. Valuable stakeholders of the company, employees like Arturo M., Jeffrey O., Ray M., and others, have shared their experience with AJR Trucking multiple times on platforms like Indeed, Google, Glassdoor, etc. One of them, Ray M., a truck driver at AJR Trucking, noted, "I enjoy working here at AJR because of the people I deal with on a day to day basis. I am looking forward to growing with Management and employees to ensure it remains one of the top mail contractors around." Meaning that the workplace culture is on top, and candidates who pass the recruitment period are great personalities. Exactly one of the best parts of being a part of AJR is experiencing compassion and care towards each employee on professional and personal levels. You will always feel that opportunities to grow don't stop coming towards you, colleagues never stop giving you a hand, executives never stop noticing your talents and appraising them. Note that professionalism and personality are two utmost important things that AJR signifies and maintains despite its busy but enjoyable working routine.

You can become a valuable member of such a warm, family-like, hardworking, and ambitious workplace and start creating the career you have always dreamed of. With AJR, you grow!

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About AJR Trucking:

AJR Trucking is a Los Angeles-based sustainable trucking company, which provides quality trucking services to its customers, cares for the community, and adds to the sustainable future of the world. AJR is one of the few trucking companies that has been in its position as a mail hauling services provider for the USPS for more than 30 years. Such great attainment is due to the company's disciplined approach to ensuring that every client gets high-quality, on-time, and sustainable service delivery. Even though the trucking industry is not popular as a sustainable one, AJR Trucking developed and ongoingly improved its sustainable business model. The proof is the growing numbers that Greenhouse Gas Calculator displays as a comparison to how sustainable AJR operates: its operations are equal to planting 149,778 trees, eliminating 2,097 metric tons of GHG emissions, and removing 1,235 cars off the road.


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