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This Life is a Scam: Everybody is Against You!

You are born to be a cog in the wheel, nobody wants you to rise up, the government and banks plot against you, and the media ensures you’re too dumb to revolt.

By Rui CarreiraPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

You should be truly pissed about how stuff works in this world, and if you aren’t then it just means everything is running as planned.

This world is such a scam for those who can see, but it is an even bigger one for those who are blind.

Throughout this article, we’re looking at how you’re supposed and designed to be poor all of your life, how you are engineered to work your whole life so 5% can enjoy life…

…how everything lines up so that few can live while nearly everyone just survives.

If you want to take the red pill and wake up to these realities, then grab a glass of water to drink it down and take it from my hand by reading this article.

You Are Born To Be a Cog in the Wheel:

The schools were designed to train factory workers, and the world always had the elite and ruling class and the endless drones toiling for them to enjoy life.

In order for a pyramid to stand, it needs to have a wider base. In order for mechanisms to work, you need to have lots of cogs falling into place and each doing their own job.

Human society needs to be maintained, the world needs to be run.

The truth is, rich people, want to enjoy their lives and pleasures, but to do so they need society to run smoothly and for everyone else to do their part in running it.

We’re the NPCs keeping the game up for the main characters to enjoy.

This is reality, this is why you exist, to ensure they live life to its fullest in an uninterrupted way.

Nobody Wants You To Raise Yourself Out of Poverty:

Because of what I told you last paragraph, it’s no wonder everyone at the top wants to keep everyone else poor.

They are always trying to come up with new ways to distract us, to lower our conscience, to reduce the amount of time per day we are free to think…

Work hours get longer, and in between, you’re bombarded with time wasters, now even comfortably disguised as dances on Social Media pieces that can be consumed even in seconds of free time.

Your brain is numb, just like they wanted.

You don’t think, you pursue dopamine spurts, you’re a slave.

No prison is better than a prison built and guarded by its inmates!

The Banks Are Plotting Against You:

I’m a firm believer that if people understood how money printing and inflation work, there would be no central banks.

The truth is, the banks are plotting against you by STEALING your money through inflation.

You hold $100 which has a $100 value.

The banks hold $100 which has a $100 value.

There are $200 in circulation.

Suddenly, they start printing more money and now you have $400 in circulation.

The problem is that you still hold the $100 value and the banks now have $300 in value.

Since there’s more value in circulation, people raise the prices to get the same value, and that’s inflation.

You and everyone else not at the top pay more, because they printed more to their hands.

This is an oversimplification. In reality, it’s more like Pokemon cards where if you print too much they become common and if you don’t then they keep their high value.

No matter the way you put it, yearly inflation is the percentage of money the rich steal from you that year.

The Governments are Scamming You:

All of the laws are in place to benefit the rich while keeping the poor in check.

Big companies use government laws to pay 1–5% taxes while you guys pay 40%.

They get tax deductions and rebates and relocate their HQs to be immune to tax hikes or even just the normal tax rates.

Don’t vote for higher taxes, the higher taxes are only directed at YOU.

Governments are out to keep YOU in check.

Plus, all crimes that are punished by fines and bail are crimes not punishing the rich… they’ll just pay.

The Media Ensures You’re Too Dumb to Revolt:

This plotting and scamming are sickening, and it’s unfair, so people would revolt against it — if they took the time to understand it or think about it.

The big problem is that the guys at the top make sure we’re too entertained to stop and think.

Also, they try to hinder our ability to think by making us increasingly stupid!

You may have noticed that there’s little educational content on TV, and most people watch trash TV.

Reality TV with all the lower denominators is also amazingly popular because it makes people feel better about their slave life.

It’s really awful if you think about it.

I hope that by reading this you can now have a clearer vision of how the game works and why you should always try to not cooperate with this MO.

Please do your best to make their lives harder and yours easier.

Follow me for more makeup tutorials — LOL.

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