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The types and functions of car polishing machines.

There are three types of polishing machines, namely straight center machines, eccentric machines, and forced eccentric machines.

By baoqiang jiangPublished 22 days ago 3 min read
What is a straight center machine?

  1. Its English name is Rotary, abbreviated as RO machine. It is also called a rotary polishing machine, but the editor is more accustomed to calling it a straight center machine. For other names, everyone just calls it differently.

This machine will only force the polishing machine to rotate in one direction, clockwise. The function of this machine: it can remove deep scratches, which means it can remove 600-800-grit sandpaper marks, and can also remove 1500-2000-grit sandpaper marks. It is a must-have polishing equipment for every automotive technician.

Advantages of the straight center machine: high efficiency, very fast scratch removal, a must-have equipment for every automaker.

Disadvantages of the straight center machine: low safety, rapid temperature rise, and glare after polishing. During the construction process, especially the edges and corners, it is easy to break through if you are not careful. Even if you are an "old driver" who has been working in the automobile beauty industry for 10 or 20 years, you will sometimes lose your focus. Even if your polishing level has reached perfection, There will also be more or less glare produced. If your technique is not good, more glare will be produced after polishing and the car will turn into a "rainbow car". I believe many technicians will think after reading this: Can't you just cover it up with car wax? Let me tell you, you are not a qualified car beauty!

What is an eccentric machine?

Its English name is Dual actions, or DA machine for short. Some people call it an eccentric machine or a vibration polishing machine. The name is just a code name, and it is called differently.

This machine rotates randomly and its movement trajectory is an irregular ellipse.

This machine is divided into 15mm and 21mm. There are also other models, but these two models are the most popular models on the market.

Except for the difference between the back plate and the eccentric block, 15mm and 21mm have serious selection difficulties both at home and abroad. Comprehensive tests have basically confirmed that the cutting capabilities of the two polishing machines are basically the same. In theory, the 21mm has a greater cutting capability than the 15mm. , but after the editor chose to use 2000-grit sandpaper for testing, it was concluded that 21mm is better than 15mm in terms of cutting ability and efficiency.

The advantages of the eccentric machine: high safety, no glare when polishing, and the surface temperature of the car paint after polishing is warm, and it will not be as hot as the surface of the car paint after polishing by the straight center machine. Even if you are a novice or an veteran who has been riding for many years. Drivers, choosing an eccentric machine is your must-have polishing tool! And the mirror effect is better than that of RO machine.

Disadvantages of the eccentric machine: low efficiency, the eccentric machine cannot remove deep scratches.

What is a forced eccentric machine?

Its English name is Gear, or GA machine for short. I haven’t found any other names yet.

Because this machine has very low popularity in the market, I will give you a brief introduction.

This machine is based on the eccentric machine and adds a gear drive system to force the eccentric machine to rotate like a straight center machine, and the cutting force of the eccentric machine is forced to be in the middle of the eccentric machine and the straight center machine. The temperature is lower than that of the straight center machine and that of the eccentric machine. The machine is high, but in terms of efficiency, it is slightly slower than the straight center machine and slightly faster than the eccentric machine. It is safer than the straight center machine and lower than the eccentric machine.

If your skills are not very good, it is not recommended to use this machine. When your skills reach a certain standard, it is not too late to use this machine.

Whether it is a straight center machine, an eccentric machine or a forced eccentric machine, it is important to choose professional equipment. Good tools can make your work more efficient with half the effort.


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