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The Path to Success is Lonely and Boring

Growing Your Income Streams and Achieving Financial Freedom is Lonely, Boring, Monotonous, and Depressing. That’s Why Success Isn’t For Everyone…

By Rui CarreiraPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

There are a lot of things people don’t tell you about success, and one of those is how dark and painful the road to get there is.

I’m sure if you’ve been chasing it, you probably know by now, but if not — read the article below to know just how dark it gets.

Don’t let it discourage you now…

…think about it being life asking you to prove you deserve happiness to it.

The Path to Success is Lonely: Prepare to Embark on a “Single Player Campaign”!

The game of life feels like a sandbox game, but its multiplayer features are lacking.

Sure, you can cooperate with others and that gets you a leg up, but it seems most of the population doesn’t even want to play and just sets themselves doing their little mundane chores on Auto-Pilot.

If you’re driven to achieve and to be successful, you’ll find yourself getting more and more alone.

Sure, you’ll network a bunch, but there aren’t many people walking your path, and you can feel pretty isolated.

People won’t understand you a lot of the time, and it feels lonely.

This is why success isn’t for everyone, you must accept that you’re no longer trying to belong to the group, you no longer want to be part of the “masses”, and that has good and bad things.

Loneliness is a bad one — make sure you highly value your family…

…they’ll give you the strength to keep on walking.

The Path to Success is Boring: Rinse and Repeat Isn’t as Sexy As It Sounds!

There are a lot of words that instantly make you “feel good”.



Hidden Trick;

Rinse & Repeat.

Rinse and Repeat is often used to describe aspects of making money online, and dang does it sound good — after all, you just need to do the same simple stuff over and over again right?


And it SUCKS!

It gets so boring having to write every day, tweet every day, upload designs every day, and do everything every day — day in and day out.

Success is boring!

…and let’s not even get started on the fact that if you’re beginning to build a new income stream you’re doing this thing every day WITHOUT any reward for it.

It’s so boring!

You Can Feel Depressed Chasing Success:

With success being lonely and boring, you are prone to feeling pretty bad at times… but with what I mentioned about never enjoying rewards for your work in the short term…

…it gets pretty depressing.

It’s okay to feel depressed when chasing success, nothing ever comes as quickly as you’d like.

Don’t be afraid to rest sometimes, and don’t get too lost in hustle culture.

Hustle culture is great and keeps you on track, but too much of a good thing…

So, don’t forget to enjoy life as you chase for your spot in the sun.

You’ll need to have a healthy mind to enjoy it.

Don’t Give Up, You’ll Get There:

The important thing is that no matter how lonely, depressed or bored you feel — you don’t give up.

Sure, you can get burnt out from time to time, but this is only normal.

Whenever you feel like burnout is a serious reality, dial back…

You won’t be producing much if you’re not feeling like it, so of course, you should stay disciplined and consistent, but not at the expense of your mental health.

If you feel like crying, stop, if not then you can still probably grind a bit longer.

…that’s my rule of thumb.

Write About It: Make It Feel Better!

When you feel like you’re about to burst, it’s time to get to Medium and prepare a powerful rant post exploring how you feel you got played by the industry or something.

Use writing to really get mad at everything that makes you feel bad and rant about it.

This is a productive way to channel your rage because other people are probably feeling the same as you are and will take pleasure in seeing you giving them something to blame…

…and to see you punching every problem or stressor they have.

Try it, it works wonders and you can even rack some views from it.

The Last Stretch is Exciting: When a Project or Income Stream Achieves Critical Mass!

Don’t ever forget that you will reach the point at which your projects achieve critical mass.

The last stretch when you’re building a new income stream and it starts paying out is so exciting and galvanizing that it will make you forget about all the bad times you went through to build it.

This is the mega-high you’ll experience after months of lows, and it’s well worth it.

Imagine the high you’ll feel when you achieve your primary goal and the financial freedom you deserve…

…isn’t that a good thought to have?

Hold on to it until you get there, hold the ember of optimism and let it rekindle your heart and drive, over and over again.

Success isn’t for everyone, but someone has to get it…

…what’s stopping you from getting there?

Ignore the pain, aim high, and don’t let the ember die.

You’re strong and you’re worth it!

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