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The Most Successful People I've Worked With Share These 5 Traits

Don't take my word for it; take theirs. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, they all have this in common

By Mindsmatter.Published 3 years ago 4 min read
The Most Successful People I've Worked With Share These 5 Traits
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I'm not here to tell you the story of how my Startup became my main source of income, generating 6 figures a year.

Because that still hasn't happened. Also, I'm working on my stories not being (so) clickbaity.

However, I can talk about what it has been like to meet and work alongside very successful people. People who have achieved great things with their ventures, investing, and creating online content.

I have focused on studying everything I can from them and absorbing information like a sponge. In this way, I was able to synthesize 5 traits that all of them have in common. I constantly think of them when I work and create plans for my projects, and they may be useful to you.

1. They never stop learning

Every time I read an article or a video tutorial about something that would help me improve my business in some way, I would settle for slightly understanding the topic.

The successful people I've worked with never stop researching, learning, and improving, no matter how proficient they are in a field.

They never claim that they already master any skill; they're constantly looking for alternatives and better ways of doing each thing.

If you believe that you're an expert at something, you're probably just not getting better at it. Never believe that what you already know is enough; surely, you have not yet learned the key that will lead you to your goal.

2. They invest in themselves

I've always been a penny-pincher to myself, especially when I'm in get-rich-or-die-trying mode. My colleagues always invest a lot of money not only in their businesses but in themselves.

They care about having the best workspace, the best tools, the best accessories, gadgets, devices, etc. But don't confuse it with compulsively buying things; they focus on resources that will make them better.

You should not only think about material things. They are also quite concerned about your physical and mental health. They don't think twice about hiring professionals to help them stay healthy.

Successful entrepreneurs know that their main work tool is their body, and if you don't take good care of it, you could lead your business to ruin.

Don't be afraid to spend money on yourself if it will benefit your performance.

3. They trust discipline, not motivation

There are moments when we're simply in the zone, we are highly productive, creative, we overcome any obstacle, and we come up with the best ideas.

There are other times when it just doesn't happen. We feel blocked, stagnant, and in no mood to do much.

Does that mean that CEOs wait for good days to be productive?


Discipline will be your engine when motivation is not there. That is why you should always have a plan, a schedule, strategies and stick to them. No matter what the weather is like, on the sunniest day or gloomy afternoon, we stay focused and determined to meet goals.

4. They know how to rest

Surely you are imagining all these people as robots that never detach from their laptops. You'd be surprised to know that they don't work that many hours a day and never say no to a vacation trip.

They greatly appreciate the time they have to rest. They know how to use them to recharge and come back to work with fresh ideas and renewed energies.

The reason for this is very simple; if you don't rest, only one thing will happen: burnout.

The toxic productivity culture that many entrepreneurs have promoted in which rest is punished is a recipe for disaster.

Don't forbid yourself to slow down, back up a bit, and take a breath.

5. They are very good at managing their time

When you respect breaks, focus on goals, and look for the best way to carry out your plans, you only need one thing: time.

Without time, it doesn't matter if you're the next Bezos or Gates, even they took years to figure out where they were going.

You need it too, and the good news is that you already have it; you just have to know not to waste it. Be organized with your tasks, don't prolong tedious activities that you don't want to do, and make the best of each hour of work.

Time is the only thing you have in the same amount as Elon Musk; you just have to take advantage of it like him.


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